Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Hardest Thing

Sometimes the hardest thing can be knowing when to let go.  When to say no.  When you're doing too much.  Especially if most of those things give you pleasure and joy.

This post has been a long time coming.  At least several months.  I just keep putting it off, hoping that by some miracle things will change and I will magically discover three hours (or so!) of free time each week.

But it hasn't happened.  So I am having to make a hard call.  Something has to give, and it can't keep being me (aka my health, my sanity, my stress levels).  About the only thing that I can give up is this blog.  So as of today I will no longer be blogging.  I'd love to say that this is just a temporary lapse.  I've thought about just saying I'll be popping in randomly, when I have time.  Maybe I can.  But I doubt it.  The thing is that even something you absolutely love can become a dead weight around your shoulders if you feel like you are pushed into a corner over it and doing it because you 'should' rather than because you 'want to' today.  I just don't have the time for blogging.  Working 15 hours a week, looking after an under 2yr old in between while his daddy studies, running a household, trying to garden to lower our food costs, the list goes on.  I feel like I am constantly chasing my tail just to keep up.  By the time I can work less hours, I will be back into study again myself.  Blogging is a joy, but only when I have the time to contemplate what I write, to take nice photos, and to spend some quality time chatting away with you all.  There's also this really exciting opportunity to launch an idea I've had with my church this year...looking at it, it could be really truly amazing, but it needs a bit of time and attention over the coming months to get it set up right.  I'm really excited and in awe at the same time.  But again, I need the time I would have been blogging to do that (and about ten thousand other things, so it seems!).

I have been hanging on, not wanting to be another one of those blogs that comes and then goes.  But there's not really anything else I can do about it.  Except to say I'm sorry.  Thank you for being my faithful readers, for taking the time to listen to my ramblings and sneak peeks at my life.  I'd especially like to thank Maxine and Elizabeth for all your comments.  I had meant to write a post about it.  Sigh.  Along with a great many other posts about a great many other things.  Deep sigh.  Anyway, thank you.  It means so much to have received your feedback on my posts.  While I know other people read my blog, it really does make a difference to actually hear it.  So, dear readers, fare-thee-well.  I pray that the SoonArmy blog has been something positive and helpful for you in whatever you have been going through. 

God bless and keep you.