Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's Time

I've been contemplating for some time whether it is time to finish blogging, or whether it is time to pick it up and run with it again.

I've decided it's time to go.

I have loved blogging.  There's something so empowering about the creativity and freedom of being able to express myself through words and pictures here, of being able to write and write and write, or capture a moment with a single image.  I've loved having the outlet, and for the past six months or so have been hanging onto the idea of returning to write again.  But my life has changed.  Drastically.  It was always going to.  I've one year left to complete my degree.  Boyo has started work.  We've moved towns.  Munchkin will begin his schooling journey in the next year or so (we have already made the decision to hold him in early childhood at least until he is five and a half...long story but the basic gist is that children are not actually required to attend school till age 6 in NZ, although every seems to think they must go the day they turn 5. People tend to ask if there's something not-quite-normal developmentally for him.  No.  We simply think this is the best option for him.  He's got thirteen years of school ahead.  Why not let him play for six months longer?!).   With all the changes for our family, I don't have the same time that I once did to blog.  Or rather, I feel that I need to prioritise my time towards other things.  House things, most likely, as we plan on buying a house when our Liberty Trust Loan comes available next year (wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!  It's coming due two years earlier than anticipated, right when we need it).  Between most likely renovating a house and transitioning into work, which includes completing two years of Teaching Provisional Registration paperwork, I think I'll be rather well occupied.  The other changes that have contributed to my lessening need/desire to blog have been among our extended family.  We now live almost next door to two of my main blog readers!  They'll see it in person so no need to write about it for them!  And our overseas family are getting regular (often daily!) photos and updates from us through free Aussie minutes, and WhatsAp messages.  I do so love WhatsAp!  We have family threads, in which anyone of us can put a photo, video, voice message, or text for everyone to see.  So you see, many of the people I was blogging for now have other ways of keeping up with our little goings on. 

So I will say farewell to you, readers.  I'm not saying for forever, because I suppose one day I might be back.  But it's unlikely, I think.  Thank you for reading and listening, for being an audience to my ramblings and musings.  It's been a wonderful journey of self-discovery and delight, this blogging journey.  I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store as I continue to walk with him on life's winding roads.