About Me

Well, I've been thinking for awhile about writing a bit about myself.  You know, so you can get to know me a bit more.  The difficulty (aside from lack of time), is that I am a bit of an eclectic.  I dabble in a lot of things.  This makes describing my life 'in a nutshell' a bit tricky.  Here's what I've come up with for you:

I blog because I like to write, and I like to share.  So blogging is a way of sharing my life with you, and writing about it in the process!
My blog is about my passions.  While wide and varied on the surface, my passions invariably revolve around living more simply, sustainably, ethically, creatively, and generously.  So these will be topics you can expect to find here.  I am wife to the awesome Boyo, and mother to gorgeous Munchkin.  I'm also a student, studying a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Years degree.  I highly value my relationship with God.  I might not talk about it all that much, but I think about it a lot and it ultimately frames my whole life.

I love being outdoors, especially if it involves growing anything I can eat.  I love eating good food with good company.  I love using my hands.  I was raised with a strong work ethic, and find it really hard to sit and be idle.  I miss having pets.  I've had lots: quail, cockatiels, guinea pigs, frogs, snails (yup!), dog, cats...we always had some pet or other when I was growing up.  Currently pet-less.  Dreaming of chooks!  Chooks are my hands-down without doubt favourite animal.  I like the way they cluck.  I like that they lay eggs (a pet that gives me something edible - bonus!).  They are just cool.  I guess I feel like they are a bit like how I want to be - busy, chatty, productive, contented.  My second favourite animal is the guinea pig.  I like that they talk to me and they are great to stroke and hold.  Sadly, Boyo does not share my love of either of these animals.  In fact, they rank fairly high on his dislike list (below poisonous snakes though).

I do not like loud noise.  I'm not a 'have the tv or radio on all day for company' kind of gal.  I actually like it quiet.  I don't like waste and I don't like mess (although I admit freely to being a messy - I'm always trying to put things away!).  I am allergic to cigarette smoke and highly reactive to caffeine (so no, it does not help me study - getting the shakes is not helpful!).   I feel the cold.  I'm also quite short.  And small boned.  Okay, okay: tiny.  160cm (which is 5foot3). Yup, buying clothes sucks.  So does buying shoes.  Good thing I am not terribly interested in clothes.  Not particularly interested in hair or makeup either.  I mean, I did my dash with them in my early twenties, but am really much more interested in being in the garden or knitting than spending time in front of the mirror trying to control my hair or cover the blemishes on my face.

We run an almost chemical free home.  It all started when I had fatigue.  I was sick for over four years, and in the process of discovering a whole lot about me I decided I'd had enough of the huge chemical load I was putting into my body.  So now we use plant based, natural cleaners and personal care products and enjoy them so much they are here to stay.

It really bugs me when things are not designed well.  Like the jar of jam that is tall and narrow, making it so hard to get to the bottom with my knife.  Why couldn't they have made a squat, fat jar instead?  And why do houses have to point towards the street?  Why can't the rooms have windows for the sun?  I am constantly thinking of better ways things could have been designed.  I guess I'm a bit of a planner.  I make lists.  I cross things off my list.  If I find something else that needs to be done and do it, I have been known (frequently!) to write it on the list so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it straight out!  My brain seems wired to strategise, collect information, and plan.

Public speaking is another hobby which has not had enough airing of late, along with planning and hosting functions.  Maybe one day I might combine my love of music with acting and be involved in a musical?

As you see, very eclectic!