Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christmas is a-coming!

Christmas is coming!  In about ten weeks, in fact.

Our Christmas Child boxes were dropped in earlier this month, with help from Munchkin.

This year we only managed to do three boxes ourselves, with help with another three from my mum.  I had to budget cut this year, and it was either Christmas Child boxes or knitted blanket.  I chose knitted blanket as it is my sanity time!  Still really happy with what we've managed to do in the end...

My boxes are always so well-equipped!  I just can't help myself.  I keep seeing things that would be so useful for these kids who have almost nothing.  This year, I had the bright idea of putting the marbles and/or necklaces into a tiny plastic container with a lid.  This means the kids have something to store their tiny precious things in.  It seems strange, but it sounds like they often have nothing to store their personal belongings in once their shoebox has disintegrated.  I'd love to have made bags for each box - a little zipped pencil case, and a bigger shoulder bag for school books, but I ran out of time in a big way.

Priority list for next year: bags, cute plastic containers and/or cups/bowls, nice clothing items (I'm learning to sew a gathered skirt for myself, hoping that maybe I could do a few for boxes - well, I can always dream - next year is a study year so I guess that it is unlikely).  Oh, and stationery as always - Warehouse Stationery has a big back-to-school sale early January and I will be there!  I'm planning on getting a whole lot of stationery for us for the year (drawing books for Munchkin, highlighters for me, etc) as well as my Operation Christmas Child stash.  Ten cent exercise books, yay!

Drop off locations close in NZ on 25th October!!!  You still have four days to get your box in - so head out today and do some really fun shopping! 



MaxineD said...

Our church packed bags into every box, as our rep went to Fiji one year and saw that very problem - we also put the soap into plastic ziploc bags for the same reason.
Your boxes look fabulous.

Elizabeth said...

LOVING that you're blogging again!

I so have to start getting organised for these this next year... and we need to make an effort to write to our sponser child!