Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Evening

Been a bit busy lately.

I've thought about not blogging (again!).

I even tried not doing it for a few weeks.  It really wasn't hard.  I've just been so busy.

The thing is that I have all these ideas that I want to share.  But not the time to share them.  And do you really NEED to see the latest thing I've made or hear the latest thing I've been doing?  No.  But maybe you want to???  Am I just feeding a need in myself to 'show off' or is there a relevant purpose for this writing thing?  And really, does it need to have a relevant purpose?  I do tend to want everything to have some deeper meaning, some higher purpose in my life.  Would it perhaps be okay for my blog to just be because I like writing and sharing, and not for any other purpose?  These are just some of the rambling thoughts my brain has been trying to work through, between study and house and preschooler!

So I'm still here.  I guess at the moment I figure that sometimes I just like to write.  And sometimes I just like to share things and my blog is somewhere to feel like I've done that.  Even if it doesn't get read much, at least I feel like I got a chance to 'put it out there.'  I don't have time to do more than that, but that I can do and get enjoyment from.  So as long as it isn't taking over my life, then I think that's okay.

It's the time factor that's a bit of a bother at present.  And always.  I guess that's life for a human being.  Trapped by time.

The primary reason you haven't been hearing from me much lately is that I usually blog in the evening.  After the boy is in bed and the house is (relatively) tidy.  But I've been trying this amazing new thing lately.  It's called "going to bed earlier" and I am finding that I really like it!  Amazing.  Been trying to convince myself to do this for absolutely ages.  I think the reason it's working now though (other than how exhausted I feel) is that I'm not getting attached to activities in the evening.  After Munchkin goes to bed, I do the little things (meat from freezer, feed/move guinea pigs, make yoghurt, etc) then I do my back exercises.  Then, quite a few nights I've just gotten ready for bed.  So my main blogging time has been commandeered by exercise and sleep.  Neither of which are bad.  Both of which I need more than I need to blog (at least most of the time - every now and then I might have a burning need to communicate in written form such as tonight!).

Next week I start my second paper for the semester.  That means very little free time, even to study, when Munchkin is at I will be in class more.  I'm trying madly to work on a 50% loaded assignment.  I have piles and piles of books.  And screeds of thoughts.  But not much coherence.  It's a different kind of essay to my standard education ones, which therefore means more research and more time (can't just pull some old references out from a few years back and throw them in!).  I'm making progress, but it's slow.  Too slow.  Really wanted it done by now.  Oh well, might be a few really early mornings in a couple of weeks time!  On the bright side, next week I am NOT going on placement (I would have been if I hadn't changed providers - an extra paper is WAY better for my stress levels!).

I've got a partly constructed delux guinea pig hutch in my garage.  Again, making slow progress.  Need it out of the way.  It is irritating me.  Takes up a lot of room without any useful purpose (unless you can count perching the empty washing basket on one end as useful!).  Made some good progress when the essay was not last week!  I'm getting SO much better at keeping wood lined up neatly, cutting straight (with the help of my mitre box!), and not making big foo-pahs.  Love looking at it and seeing how nicely it is built and knowing that this is showing my increased skill.  But there's still so much to do.

This weekend is planting time in the Big Garden.  We've got loads of seedlings ready to go.  Not grown by me. I figured I had enough to do so someone else could have that job.

The tuis will probably be fighting over the kowhai tree and singing their hearts out in between.  Such a beautiful sound to garden to.  My Munchkin will be happy as a borer in a beam, digging away with his big dump truck and digger.  And I will be happy too.  I like time outside, and I like thinking about tomatoes for summer!



MaxineD said...

Yup - sometimes you just have to write and get it out of your system :-) so do it, and don't feel guilty if you don't get to it for a while, we all realsie you lead a pretty full life.
Blessings and love

Elizabeth said...

I am glad you've decided to keep writing, even if it is going to be sporadic!

Enjoy your weekend in the big garden!