Sunday, November 24, 2013


I am returning, I promise.

But to be completely honest, the end of the study year has left me somewhat jaded.

My usual aplomb for words has faded, and my delight in writing has dwindled.  I am a little burnt out.  I also have an end-of-year cold, and am attempting to move not one, not two, but three rooms around in our house.  While my husband studies for exams.  I admit, this is possibly not the brightest move. But I've been waiting for weeks to do it, and the heat upstairs is just insane at the moment, and the mess in our office was driving me up the bend.  There didn't seem much point in sorting that lot out if I was going to spend several hours on it, only to have to move it all in a few weeks. I figured I may as well move it. 

So I did. 

Sort of. 

We are currently in phase one, which means Munchkin moved rooms (mostly) and our office is residing in our garage.  The house is not really any more tidy than it was yesterday.  But I do feel accomplished.  So I guess that's okay.

My temporary workspace, complete with old guinea pig hutch waiting to be sold (among other things)!

Give me a few weeks and I'm hoping my bloggy-brain will return to me.  The ideas are lurking, deep down in the depths of my tired mind.  They just aren't really surfacing into anything inspiring yet.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  It's been a long hard few weeks after a long very fast hard year.

I hope you are all well, dear readers and looking forward to the Christmas season, and summer (for all my NZ/Aussie readers at least).  I'm hoping to do some simple Christmas crafts with Munchkin for the first time this year, so look out for that in the coming weeks.



Maxine D said...

Well done on the home adjustments - what a marathon. Hope Boyo enjoys the changes ;-), making them as well as the results!
Love and blessings

Elizabeth Collins said...

Aha - I wondered why I hadn't seen you here yet; knowing all was completed! But that makes sense, I remember after finishing my degree I wasn't even interested in reading for pleasure, let alone writing, for at least 12 months! It took a while, I hope you don't take that long though ;-)!