Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Simple Project

Sometimes we don't need fancy toys or carefully planned activities to have fun.  In fact, sometimes, the simplest things can give the greatest delight.  Everyday items can be used for amazing things, and imaginary adventures abound.

One day my son and I arrived at his preschool to discover a container of milk bottle lids, a reel of cellotape, some pipe cleaners, and a vivid on a table, together with an example a teacher had made.

It was fascinating watching the immense delight the children had in mastering the cellotape dispenser, pulling the tape across it, and getting it to 'cut' it with that serrated cutting edge.  I watched as chubby little fingers attempted to wrap tape around bottle tops without it getting stuck together (we forget sometimes just how incredibly HARD that can be!). 

Deep concentration.  Great purpose.

The finished product?

A caterpillar.  Well, that's what we did.  We simply copied what had been left on the table, Munchkin and I working together happily for a few minutes before I headed off and he went outside to play.

His caterpillar now sits, pride of place, in our dining room.  I love looking at it.  It's winking, you see!  It's got the happiest face, just like my son!

Got any bottle tops lying around your place?  What could you turn them into?



Maxine D said...

That is a very cute caterpillar - as sweet IRL as on your blog.
Blessings and love

Elizabeth Collins said...

I remember seeing that over Christmas... so cute!