Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Life is a bit crazy at the moment.

More than usually so, even for me!

I've pulled out of helping with the 3-5year olds at church.  I'm having to say I can't do a communion message or help with MCing (which I actually really want to do!).

I am eating and sleeping study.  Almost literally.  My dreams are not always of study, but it is certainly affecting the quality of my sleep.

This full time student gig is not for the faint of heart.

Any thoughts I have ever had wondering why I didn't just do 3 years of full time study and get it over with have been hereby banished to the outer regions of space.  This is crazy.  I am crazy.  My life is crazy.  Crazy-overload right here!

I have been studying evenings, which tells you how desperate I am for study time.  And I haven't started two of my paperloads yet.  Ugh.

Of course, part of the reason I'm studying evenings is that if I get up in the morning to study, I risk waking the small boy downstairs who then doesn't go back to sleep and doesn't manage his day so well.  Plus I tend to find it hard to finish the moment he appears in my office space, arms all over me, face as close as he can get to mine (while I am desperately trying to type those last few sentences, or save that draft to my back-up flash drive).  He wants attention, which I find really hard to give him when I'm still in study-land.  And to be honest, he actually NEEDS attention.  I'd thought it would be ok, not having Mummy for a few months.  He gets loads of Daddy, you see.  And in all honesty, Daddy plays way better with Munchy than Mummy does anyway (Mummy's play tends to be very up and down, here and there, as she remembers the crock pot needs stirring, the washing hanging out, a message sent to this person or that person and on it goes).  But no, Daddy is wonderful, but Munchkin is determined that he requires attention from BOTH his parents.  Every day.  All day, if at all possible!  Wink.  Which of course it isn't.  But hey, I can at least try to let him feel like I am present when he wakes up in the mornings.  Hence the evening study.  I can do almost anything in the evenings these days without him waking.  Now if I could just work out how to sleep well afterwards, that would be great...

So if you're wondering why you are not receiving a wonderful plethora of photos, stories, and anecdotes from bloggy-land Amy, well now you know.  I'm swamped, people.  Swamped.  I've signed up for Live Below the Line. And am now wondering what on earth I was thinking.  My desk is piling up with things that I don't have time to sort out.  My husband is being called upon for reassurance.  "I am going to make it through the semester, aren't I, Boyo?  Just say 'Yes!' even if you don't believe it, I just need the reassurance!"

I still have loads of blog ideas, lots and lots of things I want to share.  I take photos of them, honestly I do.  I just haven't got any further than that.  Full time study is just so different than part-time.  There really isn't much free time at all, and most of that is going into the small boy and trying to keep on top of general life (like buying groceries!).  Anyway, I am still here.  I might pop in from time to time when I feel an overwhelming urge to purge myself of emotions, stories, or stress.  I might even manage to post some of those photos I've taken, to tell you about how amazing it is going on family holiday, and how to make delicious brown rice that even brown-rice hating husbands will eat!  But don't count on it.  It might be awhile.

Amy - who now has 45 minutes to dry her hair, eat breakfast (thank God, it's waiting in the fridge!), get boy up, dressed, fed, and get out of the house.  Boyo will (wonderful man that he is) make Munchkin's lunch, put dishes away, make beds, etc.  How hard can it be, right?!

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Maxine D said...

And on top of all that there are other things afoot too...... ARGHHHHHHHHHHH =- I feel for you.
Love and blessings and {{{{{hugs}}}}}