Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking a Break

After a couple of recent 'foot in mouth' incidents (or should I call them 'keyboard in mouth'?!) I have concluded I need to take a break, at least until after exams are over - or maybe prac?. I love blogging so much, I've been trying to keep it up despite really not having the time or energy to devote to it. I can write some funny stuff at times. The problem is when I am trying to be funny or smart, and it comes out all wrong. Doesn't help that you can't hear voice inflections, or see body language online...something I often tend to forget. Anyway, I've been rushing and rushing because I (of course) still want to do everything else as well as study, having rediscovered the enjoyment of life beyond study. As it is not fun discovering in retrospect that a few of the things I've said have not be ah, quite what they should have, and I have also lost a lot of the enjoyment of doing the actual writing to start with because I've been so stressed out over exams, I figure it would be best to just put the blog down for a few weeks. It's not like it is going to go away, is it? I hope you enjoy the next few weeks, and we can enjoy some more conversations when I return!

Tuesday, 2nd November, 2010


MaxineD said...

You are right Amy - there are times, when for the sake of our own sanity (and our family's), we have to put some things on hold for a period of time - my expression is that "something has to give, and it's not going to be me in the middle!"
Take care and we will welcome you back when you get here.

Elizabeth said...

I am in awe of all you are managing to do, but sometimes we do need to take a step back... good on you, as you said - your blog will still be here, and you'll probably have even more ideas to write about!

Aynsley said...

Have a good break - you certainly deserve it