Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Finished Boxes!

The first shoebox...

It was with a sigh of relief that I handed over my 12 shoeboxes to the regional coordinator on the second-to-last day for collection. I had spent several days in a marathon shoe-box-wrapping session. To be honest, I find shoebox wrapping a walk in the park these days. It wasn't always so. I originally found them quite hard to wrap. Being a fussy, perfectionistic wrapper sure didn't help, but it now stands me in good stead. I can wrap a box beautifully, with minimal effort. I have my own little system, which after all this practice has been honed down to include the least amount of effort for the nicest possible wrap. Grin. I used to use a big ruler and pencil. Now, it is all done by eye. I used to use a lot of double sided sellotape. Now, I use hardly any.
A shoebox-wrapping-in-progress

A single 10metre roll of Christmas wrapping paper, bought at halfprice last year (or was it less than that? It was awhile ago now!) wrapped 12 shoeboxes. There's still paper left on the roll. As I had another 10metre one, yet unopened, I gave the remainder of this role, plus a 5metre roll to my mum to use for her boxes this coming year.
Over halfway there!

Filling them up!

Ready to go!

And now, on to next year's boxes. Hmm, maybe not quite yet. I'm doing donations for the postage on these ones for a bit. But I do have a stash of 6 boxes, waiting to be wrapped on Christmas Day, ready for filling next year.

Amy - Shoebox Wrapper Extraordinaire!

Sunday, 31st October, 2010

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MaxineD said...

Well done!! I saw all our church ones wrapped and contributed to them this year.
Loved your choice of clothing too :-)