Monday, October 25, 2010


Munchkin needs more bibs. Specifically, he needs some bibs with waterproof backing. Due to excessive dribbling and pukey-ness, his cotton bibs are simply nowhere near effective. At around $6-10 each, this is not really a minor expense for us. Combined with needing more singlets and other clothes for summer, a backpack, and various other things, and a rather tight budget, and we've had to get a little creative in saving up for some.

We have a 'cash' basis for our usual monthly expenses, such as petrol, spending, and groceries. Cash out at the beginning of the month. Once gone, it's gone. What I've done is create a bibs jar that now sits on my desk. After doing the big grocery shop at the beginning of the month, I apportioned $30 into 3 plastic bags, labelled Week 2, Week 3, Week 4. This is our fruit and vege money for each week (it should really be a bit more than that, more like $40, but I'd bought a big bag of apples, another of oranges, and things like kumara, potatoes, etc at the beginning of the month). The idea is that at the end of each week, rather than just putting any leftover money back into groceries and probably spending it on things we don't need, I now put it into the bibs jar. I find that I save so much better when I have a specific, measurable goal like this. I am much more likely to stop and think, "Hang on, this chocolate would be worth 1/2 a bib, which we really need. Maybe I don't need chocolate after all."

I am buying bibs from my friend, Lydia, at Little Kiwis ( She makes gorgeous kiwi-flavoured baby and kids gear. She custom makes a lot of things, so we have been able to get bibs that have towelling top, bamboo inner for extra absorbancy, and waterproof PUL backing. Last month I managed to get Munchkin 4 bibs (they cost $7 each). They work so much better than the non-backed ones he has, which he manages to dribble and/or sick through in half an hour! So nice that he rarely has sopping wet clothes now. We just need to get a few more than 4, as they still get filthy. Yesterday we were trying to work out why he smelt so bad. Turns out his bib had gone a bit rancid. It didn't even look dirty, but obviously it was! So we obviously need enough bibs to still change them several times a some bigger ones that cover everything for eating.
I only managed to save 20c in Week 2. Weeks 3 and 4 should hopefully result in a few dollars saved each. We might also have a bit of spending or petrol money left to contribute too.
What do you find to motivate yourself to save?
Monday, 25th October, 2010

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MaxineD said...

Hmmm - no specific methos - just if I know I am going to be short or needing something I generally tighten up a bit....