Thursday, October 14, 2010

Munchkin's Entertainment Program

Thursday, 14th October, 2010

Munchkin's Entertainment Program, aka Mummy's Exercise Regime

I am currently having 2 week's holiday. All my assignments have been handed in. Yay!!! Everyone else is out on Practicum. I have been given a late prac, much to my relief, to allow a few more weeks for Munchkin to get older before I have to leave him at home for the 3 week prac. So I now have 2 weeks to recover and recuperate before studying for exams, then going on prac myself.

I have hence started my exercise regime. This is not a set-in-concrete kind of regime, but more of a what-can-I-do-today-that-increases-my-activity-and-fits-around-the-baby kind of regime. Munchkin, of course, does not even realise that Mummy is trying to improve her weight and fitness and overall sense of well-being. Munchkin thinks that this is all for his enjoyment. He is quite happy to have some extra entertainment.

So in the mornings, Munchkin and I head out with the front pack for a 20min walk. This is very beneficial for my butt and thigh muscles with his extra 8kgs straddled across my front. Muchkin loves going outside, so this is merely an extension of the time we were already spending wandering around our yard. He's a very happy chappy every time he sees his woolly hat, because he knows that means we must be going out somewhere!

My other standard options are:
Swimming. This requires Munchkin and Daddy time while Mummy does a few laps at the local pool, hopefully once a week...did my first one since pregnancy on Sunday and really enjoyed it, though I did not enjoy the feeling in my arms and legs the following day!).
Dancing. Munchkin just LOVES movement. Doesn't matter whether it is us or him moving, as long as someone is and preferably to music. Arms especially seem to be entertaining. So the past 2 mornings Mummy has danced to a Beach Boys song while Munchkin watches with great delight. My dancing would never win any awards, but it certainly gets the blood flowing, the breath puffing, and the baby giggling.
Pilates. I have a short 10min routine to do, which I will hopefully manage every second morning before Munchkin wakes up. Didn't quite work yesterday, so I ended up doing it in 2 or 3 stints while he played on the floor after his breakfast. Never mind. Still did it, which is the important bit.
Walking. Lots of walking. Munchkin has been walked in his pram/stroller since day dot almost, so quite enjoys it when Mummy and Daddy strap him in and head out along the boardwalk. We like to go most days, provided the weather is okay.
Gardening. It is a digging time of year, with gardens needing to be prepped before planting. As almost no gardening happened over winter, the work I might have otherwise spread over a few months is currently being done right before each successive planting needs the garden beds. My current gardening day is Mondays, and I head off for 1 hour while Daddy watches Munchkin...this method being about 4 times more productive than an hour spent in the garden with the baby. I dig, and weed, and dig, and add blood and bone and sheep manure, and dig, and did I mention dig?? The digging is the bit that's really good for my arm muscles. Any arm muscle work is probably helpful when you consider I am a lightweight 160cm tall woman carrying a baby who is currently over 8kg and 66cm tall...he kind of sticks out all over the place and invariably ends up heading floor-ward as my arms give up in protest!

So that is my current exercise regime. Munchkin thinks it is all good.


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MaxineD said...

Sounds a lot of hard work - do hope you soon feel the benefits :-)