Sunday, October 24, 2010


We have nicknames for nicknames in our family. Munchkin is also known as Munchy, Munchybaby, my Munchykin, and the Munchinator. These are names we used on occassion when he was in the womb, and which have become more or less common since he was born. The Munchinator is one of my current favourites.

Munchkin is living up to his name. My son is an eating machine! He has been trying solids since just before turning 5months old, and absolutely loves it. He sits there, waving his plastic spoon around, mouth gaping, as if saying, "Come on, Mum, I was BORN to eat!" In the short space of two weeks, he has graduated from eating from an egg cup, to a normal cup (bowls being too big still to bother with, as it is easier to mix and heat food in a smaller container). His current dietary delights include baby rice, apple, and some kumara, carrot and silverbeet. We need to get more icecube trays. We broke the one we have, trying to remove frozen apple from it. One would think that people would design ice cube trays with a bit of flexibility. How else do they expect you to pry a frozen lump of ice from the plastic tray??? Needless to say we wish we could find the receipt for that purchase.

I was hoping to avoid solids for a bit longer, but gave up after Munchkin's eating needs well outstripped the feeds he is having during the day and he started waking at night to eat again. Can't exactly fault him that, but I do so miss my sleep now I've gotten used to having it again! The plunket lady was amazed we'd managed to get him sleeping through to start with, being such a 'big' baby...yes well, it did take some doing...I was feeding him at 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm before bed to get him sleeping through, before he gradually decreased the number of feeds and increased the volume of the remaining ones. Just can't seem to find anywhere to put another feed now, or get him to want more at each sitting. Never mind, he is happy, and doing really well, and we will just continue plodding our way through solids and the 1200-15oomls of milk he has each day.


MaxineD said...

Boyo also went onto solids way before I was wanting to put him onto them, and then he wanted three meals a day no matter what from day one of solids! sounds as though the Muchinator knows that!

Elizabeth said...

Lydia has been on solids for 2.5 weeks, first week she went crazy and LOVED it; second week she got sick with that cold and sore throat - and eating went out the window. Just got back into these past two days, and she is finally eating again - although not with as much gusto as before yet. She is still just on plain farex, but plan on trying her with some more flavours tomorrow - thinking banana mixed in with the farex...

Aynsley said...

Our friends used silicone mini muffin tins to freeze fresh veges for their baby's food ...small sized still but far more flexible than plastic.

Amy said...

What an excellent idea!!!!!!! I even have 2 silicone mini muffin trays. Yay! Don't need to get anything else now. Thanks Aynsley!