Sunday, October 24, 2010


Munchy is a bit of a giraffe. He has inherited some tall genes. Not from me. I have the recessive genes in my family. All the short ones. Grin. Munchkin does not have a single short gene in view. He is the average size of a 9 month old baby and he's only 5 months old. That does at least explain why he's been wearing 6-12month clothing for awhile now. I will need to organise yet another batch of clothing before summer...I'm just trying to put it off as long as possible hoping he will growth spurt before, and not after, I purchase more clothes!
Having a tall baby has challenges all of it's own. These are, of course, heightened (no pun intended!) by my small frame. Munchkin is nearly 9kgs, and my arms do not have any muscle tone to speak of. I am currently developing some by lugging him around. The front pack is rather useful for us, as I am actually unable to carry him for any length of time without him heading ground-wards. Only he is getting too big for that now too. He can't fit it the proper rear-facing way, only forward facing. This is apparently not as good for babies (called 'crotch dangling' - oh, what an elegant term, referring to the fact that they kinda just hang there, whereas facing into you their thighs also take some of the weight). Well, it's just too bad really, as it is several degrees better for him than a sudden landing on the floor. It is also a heck of a lot better on my back than trying to balance him on one hip or the other (never terribly successful).
So we are going to head up to "Zero to Five" and have a look for a good secondhand backpack. We will need it when we head off to Australia in December for a few days. I hate to think what 2 days of airports would do to us otherwise! While I can find it in my heart to wish he would stop growing so fast, I do so love my giraffe!

Sunday, 24th October, 2010


MaxineD said...

Well I never would have thought to call him a giraffe - he is too solid for that at this point.

Elizabeth said...

Haha - crotch dangling, funny! Lydia still manages face into us, but is starting to resent it as she is so nosy, so we are thinking of starting to put her face forward! Like you though, we were just talking about needing to buy a back pack soon... ah the joys!