Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Cheer

I completely forgot to show you another of my birthday presents this year! I just realised as I was going through photos and came across some of them. Both items were on my birthday wish-list:

Apparently my sister-in-law has never seen such delight over ribbons before. Yup, I am a sucker for pretty ribbons, as mentioned in an earlier post. I just love the colours! They are so beautiful. As I have a pretty small craft stash at present, after moving countries, my sister-in-law and my parents-in-law decided to get me something for the stash. I think my favourite is currently the multi-coloured one on the left, with the red, pink, and orange stripes. They also got me some wool for my Operation Cover Up knitting. Lovely large hanks of wool, 200g each. I will get at least 16 squares out of this lot, but most likely closer to 20. Yay. Haven't managed to knit any yet, but I am hoping I might get the chance over summer.
What a wonderful birthday present! What have been your favourite presents, and why?
Thursday, 21st October, 2010

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MaxineD said...

Glad you enjoyed them :-) I think i would choose the ribbons - something to do with my current status regarding knitting - but the wool was a pleasure to give.