Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knitting Up a Storm (#21 and 22)!

Two more squares completed!  A lovely deep brown wool this time.  One patterned, and one random.

And in between I've been crocheting.  I'm trying to be a bit clever with this one, and crochet from the centre outwards as I knit bundles of squares, and have to start or stop my row of crocheting as little as possible (which is why it is this funny flower shape at present!)!  Muchkin was as interested as ever in the rows of stitching!



MaxineD said...

Interesting method of construction - hope it is sucessful :-)
Love the photo of Munchkin on the centre.

Elizabeth said...

Haha - cute! Go Munchy! Funny how different the kids are... L has never shown interest in blankets and yet I know M loves his blanket (and any you're making)!