Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November Disappeared (and so did my Free Rice scores)

Well, folks in case you haven't noticed it is now December.  Well and truly.  My life has been somewhat hectic.  Surprisingly so.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I am, after all, working fifteen hours a week and looking after a baby in between.  But I guess I thought I'd feel more relaxed once I finished study.  Nope.  I feel somewhat overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed, exhausted, frazzled, all of the above will do to describe this feeling of life running away on me.  Working through that one at present (like, why? and what can I do about it?).

As predicted, I only did Free Rice on the very last day of November.  But I did at least DO some.


I'm sure that whoever received that handful of rice (is it a handful, do you think?) is very grateful I took some time to answer a few questions.  I'm trying to remember to go on more often this month.  Tonight I''ve been looking at countries of the world again.  Fascinating stuff.  Like, why is it that pretty much every single time Egypt comes up, I think that it can't possibly be Egypt.  Surely it must be sudan or libya or something african sounding!?  Egypt, in my mind, belongs in the Middle East.  Yet, when you look on a map there it is, on the top of Africa.  With only the tiniest smidgeon of land hitching a ride into the Middle East.  I did it TWICE tonight, in the space of a few minutes.  DUH.  Egypt is in AFRICA, Amy, Africa!

Did you manage to do any Free Rice questions in November?

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MaxineD said...

I went on some time - I think it was November..........