Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gardener's "Gold"

My worm farm is overflowing.
Okay, so if you know me you probably realise I am prone to exaggeration.
But it is pretty close.
We (Munchkin and I) only emptied it a few weeks ago.  And it is again nearly full to the brim.
The corn is probably what tips the balance these days, but we don't put cobs, just the leaves as the worms actually like them.  And if it wasn't that it'd be something else.  Feijoa skins if we get enough given to us!  Or cabbage, cauli and pumpkin from winter soups.

It's a great worm farm, and family sized.  But I guess we just eat a lot of fresh food. 

A good problem to have, but I am still not comfortable with leaving good food wasting in a rubbish bag when it could instead be enriching my garden and therefore my food and personal well-being.  Big garden prunings go in the fadge in the back corner.  My dad is going to swing by and add it to his truck one day when he has room on a green waste run for his business.  But that's nearly full too.  After just a couple of months...and we have at least 4 deciduous trees on this small section and autumn on the way.

I've wanted a compost bin for awhile.  Actually, I'd like two.  Just basic ones, nothing too fancy, but one that is being filled and one that is decomposing.

This is the week.

I finally bought one!

I found it at the Warehouse.  It's similar to my mother-in-law's which I know works well for them.  It fits snugly where the worm farm was (till it got too hot and was moved under the lemon tree).  And it cost me $30.  And I managed to put it together (just!) by myself.  Grin.


It already has some prunings and a container of food scraps in it.  Hooray!

I took a few photos of the garden while I was out there this morning.  It's been a long time since I recorded what is in it...

Beside the house.  Dry, and needing some soil TLC but still growing tomatoes (aren't my stakes fascinating?!)...some violets conveniently found it too hot and died off so I now have a bit more space for my I already transplanted violets under the lemon tree where they are very happy I remain unfazed. 
Beside the shed. Another rather dry little garden. The rosemary and fennel were here when we arrived.  Will be taking the fennel out soonish, I've just left it to self seed into the garden beside it.
The 'main' vege garden at my house.  Area on left to be planted in beetroot soon.  Zucchini taking over lawn.  Kale (dark green at back), and celery.  And I've got herbs along the front. 
So there you go.  Hopefully a richer garden soil next year than this, but good food to eat anyway in the meantime!

Amy - proud compost-bin-owner


Maxine D said...

Yes your bin does look similar - I got a 'two for' deal or I would not have had two at once!
Your garden is looking good.
Blessings and love

Elizabeth Collins said...

Ha - I am coveting two decent compost bins also... got an old one that was left here by previous tenants; but it doesn't have a lid! We are making do with some wood over the top, held down by concrete blocks (if we don't the naughty possums get in and make a mess during the night)! But it is not ideal... one day maybe!