Thursday, February 20, 2014

Berry Bliss

We've been loving fresh berries this summer!

The strawberries in the Big Garden have had a bumper year.

The raspberries now look to be similar.

Plus we've collected small handfuls of wild blackberries a few times, and stocked the freezer (almost to overflowing) with blueberries.

There is a name for this:  berry bliss!

And with lots of berries to eat, there have been some delicious treats.


Strawberries with plain yoghurt, coconut, and maple syrup, with just a sprinkle of icing sugar on top.
Yummy dessert!

Blackberry and pear smoothie (with a healthy dose of greens too, of course, but I forget what!). Just look at that gorgeous light purple colour! 

I just love berry season!

What seasonal delights have you been savouring lately?


Maxine D said...

The start of my tomato crop :-)
Love and blessings

Elizabeth Collins said...

I wish we had the chance of being in this much berry bliss... my favourite time of the year!