Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When I first contemplated writing a blog, constipation was definitely NOT one of the things I thought I would be writing about. I couldn't possibly conceive why on earth I would ever be interested in "The Big C" either then or at any point in my life thereafter (except maybe when I was really, really, really old!). I have always been regular, and quite happy to be so.

But pregnancy has this way of changing things. Lots of things. Topics that I would previously have dismissed as irrelevant or boring have suddenly become interesting and at times, even vital. Like constipation. I have never, in my life as far as I can recall, suffered from constipation. To be honest, if I ever thought about it at all (which you can imagine was not very often!) I kind of wondered what all the fuss was about. I mean, it's a biological process right? You just, well, go.

Yeah, that was then. This is now. Apparently in pregnancy there are these hormones that pump through your body, telling your muscles to have a holiday, take a break and chill out for 9 months. This serves a very important function: your uterous does not contract. No one wants a baby born well before it is due, so I can definitely appreciate the hormones. I just wish that somehow, God would have made it possible for the hormones to only affect that one function, instead of my whole body. What little coordination I possessed before is long gone. I am being very, very careful with knives, stepping over things or down stairs, and have to watch out or I will walk into walls (which I admit, I have always done when tired so that at least is not a new phenomenon - sometimes I could swear the wall moved!). Then there's the Big C. I was feeling quite virtuous that everything was ticking along nicely until about 2 months ago when my pipework just decided it didn't want to work anymore. So I now have great sympathy for any fellow sufferers - the discomfort is incredible. It is strange. I can cope with quite a lot of things, but this one issue would send me to tears on a regular basis, pleading, "Please, can't I just GO!" Sounds funny, but it is true enough to be almost tragic.

But, hope is at hand. I have discovered two homeopathic remedies in my little Ainsworth's First Aid kit that are recommended for this complaint, particularly in pregnancy...and yes, they have helped. They are Sepia and Nux Vom. I take them together every week or thereabouts (however long it takes for them to wear off, basically). I also discovered another little remedy through fishing through online comments and forums. A lady mentioned that she found eating an apple first thing in the morning beneficial. I would have to agree that it's working for me.

I can't say things are back to normal. I'm still pregnant after all, and the hormones are still running rampant, doing their good work. And I have this sneaking suspicion that my life may never be 'normal' again...children, after all seem to have this way of changing what one might consider normal to be. But I am much happier! So there you are. Constipation, just one of the many things I thought I would never be interested in. Little did I know. :op


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MaxineD said...

Oh Amy - I nearly choked on that post - and yes, life never returns to what you once took as normal!!!! I speak from experience.
In fact, if Munchkin is anything like Boyo, normal is long gone!!

Bless you