Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cot Sheets

I'd heard that you could use old single, double, or queen sheets to remake into cot sheets and we had 2 spare sets of what I think were doubles. They are in quite good condition still, not having been used much on the spare bed (our bed is a queen and they didn't fit it very well). I figured that seeing as we had them already and they weren't being used, it would save me having to buy some cot sheets.

So I got to work and after a quick search for correct sizing online, turned our 2 double sets into 3 cot sets. I had enough to make 1 set of each colour, then used the extra pieces to create 2 double-coloured sheets, just for fun. Once again this has proven to be a great project for my novice sewing skills.

Here's the two colours just before joining. A bit different from your usual cot sheets! Grin.

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MaxineD said...

lots of fun, and great sewing practice ;-)