Monday, September 20, 2010

Little by Little

My diet has been pretty shot since Munchkin was born. I really do need to be eating better, but doing so is tough. Time is at a premium. Between looking after Munchkin, keeping up with study (just) and keeping the house clean and tidy (not really), there's not much time left for eating. I usually try not to eat while doing other things...just a good hint I picked up a few years ago. It is much better for us to be concious of eating, that way we enjoy what we eat, and realise when we are full, rather than just eating because it is in front of us (like when you have chips and a movie together, somehow the bag ends up empty even though you weren't really hungry!). But my 'eating purposefully' has gone out the window. There's just not enough time. I invariably end up scoffing in the 5mins before feeding Munchkin, or eating while studying, or grabbing a mouthful while checking the washing machine, etc, etc, etc. So you can imagine how much time is allocated to actually preparing food. I actually enjoy preparing food, especially when it involves freshly collected food from the garden. But I digress. So I'm trying to improve my diet. I've been eating hardly any fruit. This for someone who usually eats at least 2 pieces of fresh fruit each day...lately it just hasn't been happening. I think this is because when I'm hungry I am going for more 'sustaining' food to get me through the next feed, next study period, etc. And I've not been having enough greens. That's due to time in preparation mostly.

So, I realised recently that instead of trying to overhaul my entire diet, I could start little by little. I will have a little greens with this meal. I will have a little more with that. And so on. At least this way I am getting a better diet than I was, and without it taking much more time than before. Here are two of my standard meals at present...eggs on toast and baked beans. To improve their nutritional input, I've started adding a chopped fresh silverbeet leaf (chard) and some parsley and chives. Very, very quick.

I wonder how many things in our lives would be better if we simply committed to changing a 'little' bit of them? Amy

Monday, 20 September, 2010


MaxineD said...

Good thinking, and I hope you soon feel the benefit of a better diet :-)

Elizabeth said...

Hows the change coming along? That is probably what I need to do regarding my blog... just not enough hours in the day! Maybe next week when I am at Tok and have two extra hands to help with one little baby!

Amy said...

Hey Elizabeth,
Slowly, very slowly is how the change to my diet is coming along. Far too slowly. But I am making good progress this week at least. Salad from the garden in a container in the fridge, which is getting eaten at lunch time each day. I always seem to be in a rush these days (I wonder why?!?).
Perhaps you could blog first thing before bubs wakes? I will be studying first thing next year (first thing probably being something atrocious like 5am - I hate getting up in the dark, but that's likely to be the available time).