Monday, September 20, 2010

A Visitor

Boyo is not allowed to have a cat. This he finds quite hard, as he just loves cats!

I am not as hardhearted as that may seem. It is not because I don't like them. I think they are fine. The issue is that I am allergic to them! So we have an agreement that Boyo will have a 'barn cat' if we ever live on enough land to have a barn. Grin. In the meantime, we often end up stopped on walks, while he rubs some contented moggy or other. His cat, who lives with his parents, is a great fluff ball of affection every time we go and visit, even lying in wait every time Boyo's in the bathroom or loo, and stalking him up the hallway in order to ensure he gets lots and lots of rubs. It is a win-win for them both, as Boyo sure doesn't mind rubbing his feline friend.

Recently though, Boyo's cat deprived existence has been alleviated somewhat. We seem to live in a neighbourhood of cats. There's a black cat (or 2), a white and black one, a fluffy something or other, and a grey kitten. Now, for the most part when we see a cat we hiss and wave our arms madly at them. Boyo has even been running out to chase them. Strange behaviour for a cat lover? Perhaps. But these cats keep doing their business in our garden and on our lawn. Garden, I can kind of 'get.' But LAWN?????? Please, folks. That's just gross. Hence the cat-chasing.

There's one cat that doesn't get chased away though. He (or she, we haven't checked!) first visited back in early April, coming for a rub while we were out sitting at the table outside the front door. He's a cute little grey kitten (although getting bigger by the week), who likes to climb and loves to be rubbed. Since April, he has been a frequent visitor to our front door step. He knows he is not allowed to come inside. Being hauled out by the collar a few times was enough. So now, whenever I see the grey kitten, I let Boyo know that he has a visitor! He heads on out for a few minutes of purry-furry bliss!
Monday, 20 September, 2010

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MaxineD said...

Your gray friend looks lovely p- and our fluffy-ball is still minus his meow since his trip to the vets.. :-(