Monday, February 7, 2011

Free Food

What do you do when someone offers you free food? Accept it of course! Only, what if you already have more than enough of your own? Hmm...

Find some friends and/or family who need it instead!

We were recently offered some cucumbers, lemons, and rhubbarb from someone's garden. The problem was that we already had cucumbers galore from the Big Garden. But we were visiting family that week, and a few quick text messages confirmed that they, and their friends and neighbours, would all gratefully recieve some cucumbers! Sorted. The lemons were also duly divied around among us all. We kept a few for ourselves, and I have been squeezing them to freeze in our silicone mini-muffin trays for using later. Tonight's dinner is salmon rice risotto because for once I have some salmon, some chicken stock, and some lemon juice. It invariably seems that whenever I feel like making this dish one or other of the main ingredients is missing from my cupboards, so I thought I'd get in quick while I know they are all here! The rhubbarb has been cut and cooked, and almost all eaten. Boyo, it turns out, is quite a fan of rhubbarb. I always forget this. There is rhubbarb up at the Big Garden, but while he is happy to eat it, not being gardening inclined he forgets that he can pick some anytime he likes. I also quite like rhubbarb but tend to forget it exists during my gardening forays. Munchkin has informed us that he also likes rhubbarb. At least the great gulping swallows of it would seem to indicate as much. So there you go. It is so nice to receive free food, and especially when you can put it to such good use.

Have you received any freebies lately? What did you do with them?

Monday, 6th February, 2011


MaxineD said...

We received cucumbers and lemons and now tomatoes, the later of which we have shared, along with some produce from our garden.

Elizabeth said...

hehe - yep... surprisingly it was cucumbers and lemons we received ;-)!