Monday, February 28, 2011

The Longest Day EVER

Today feels like the longest day ever. I am pretty sure it is not. After all, all days are pretty much the same length. But it sure does feel like it. Boyo has been out today you see. All day. I am so not used to being on my own at home with Munchkin all day. We went for a walk this morning, he's had two (very) short sleeps, we've had morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. He has been a really good kid. But it still feels like the longest day. Why, oh why, did I have to come down with a cold last night!?!? Ah, now that might have something to do with the fact that my small son came down with it on Friday. I have concluded that it is almost impossible to avoid getting the same cold when you live in such close proximity as we do. I spent Friday night in Munchkin's room...pretending to sleep on the spare bed in between his crying, sleeping with me, and more crying. He obviously felt a bit better Saturday, enough for a couple of long sleeps during the day and a really good sleep overnight. Last night he was gluggy though and took a few hours to really settle for the night. By the time he was semi-happily asleep I was feeling decidedly miserable. I don't know how a cold can possibly hit so fast, but it felt like one of those European express trains ran over my immune system! I spent most of the night on the couch, so as not to disturb Boyo too much. I must say that we have a really nice couch for such necessary occassions. But I did miss my bed between feeling hot, achy, dizzy, sore-throaty, and generally gross. The arrival of morning saw an abatement of the majorly nasty conditions, with my current state consisting of a blocked nose that also wants to run (where, I don't know!), a slightly sore throat, and feeling rather flushed and tired. Yup, I do feel rather sorry for myself. I also feel much more sympathetic to my poor boy who experienced all this just days ago without being able to tell me how awful he felt! So it's the longest day ever. I am even thinking of resorting to us watching Hairspray for the rest of the afternoon (a sign of true and absolute desperation on my part!). I think we will be having cheese on toast for dinner. On the bright side, Munchkin is greatly improved over a couple of days ago so I am cherishing hopes that this might be a violent, but shortlived attack. Life will carry on! And Boyo will hopefully be home in an hour!


Monday, 28th February, 2011

ps - I have not forgotten about the Stylish Blogger Award...I have my post half written and was meant to be doing it last night. I went to bed instead. So hopefully next weekend?


MaxineD said...

Not nice - do hope you are all over it by Friday!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh bummer... mine started off rough, but thankfully got better as the day went on!

Hope you feel better soon!