Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Cheer

A little belated, I know.

Our Christmas decorations are actually all packed away, ready and waiting for next Christmas.

But I thought you might like to see Munchkin's Christmas tree.

I got one specially for him.  He gets to decorate it himself.  "Our" tree is fibre optic and stands well out of reach of small fingers so it doesn't get knocked over or the delicate glass decorations smashed to smitherines.  But I saw this idea at a local Kindergarten and loved it.  The idea is that the kids have their own tree and some decorations.  Each day they can decorate or undecorate to their heart's content.  They get to enjoy the thrill of their own Christmas tree, touching its branches, deciding where to put this ornament or that, learning and thinking and feeling.  All without any adult interference.  Okay, so that might be how it will look next year.  This year, Munchkin was really still too young.  He loved it.  But he doesn't know how to put the ornaments back on.  He can take them off, and frequently did.  But then he'd have to come find me, asking me to put it back on ("Ah, ah, ah" with a great deal of pointing and excitement!).  He did, however, manage to put a book, a teddy bear, and some balls on his tree (missed that with the camera, darn it!)!  Now that's ingenuity for you! We kept his tree up for just a few days this year before packing it away ready for next Christmas.  Next year, he can help put it up, then decorate it himself over and over, and over again!  At a cost of $5 for the tree and not much more for ornaments (bought the week after Christmas on sale), it really doesn't matter.  But you'd never know it was cheap, would you?  It is just gorgeous.  All glittery and shiny and green!  At 120cm tall, it's perfect for our boy and lounge.  Now I just need to get his Christmas stocking sewn before next Christmas rushes round!



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Such a COOL idea :-)!