Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Many is TOO Many?

I'm wondering, how many undies do you think is too many undies?

Caught you off guard there, didn't I?!  I bet you were thinking tomatoes or zucchinis, pegs, or some other innocent item.  Well, I do have a lot of pegs.  And I'd love to have the problem of too much garden produce (maybe if the sun stays out for long enough this month?!).  But no, I was referring to undies.  Aka underwear, panties, bloomers.  Those things we wear but try to pretend we don't own.  You know, the ones that people tend to hide in the middle of their clotheslines, hoping no one will notice them.

Well, I'm just wondering if there is a magical point between forever running out and having to hang them on the shower whenever you go on holiday, and what could be considered excessive.

I fear I may be leaning towards excessive.

Guess how many pairs of undies I currently own.


FOURTY-THREE.  Or there abouts.  I might not have added correctly.

Now before you decide that I really am a fruit loop, weirdly obsessive person, let me explain my undie-keeping position.

It all started with a new stash before we moved back to NZ.  I was chuffed.  I thought I wouldn't have to buy any for ages (remember, I HATE buying clothing as I really struggle to find things that fit well).

But then there was a baby.  During pregnancy, I expanded over a size in clothing.  In fact, my waist and hips went up at least 2 sizes (from a NZ 6 to a 10 - clothing was suddenly easier to fit!).  So my lovely new undies got all stretched then started cutting off my circulation.  I bought more.  They got too tight.  I got some more.  And then some more.  Finally, we come to Munchkin's arrival.  Four sets of undies for ONE baby boy!  Wow.

So, since then I have had to lose 9kgs (20% of my bodyweight).  It got to the point that I needed new undies again, before I faced undie-wearing horror (aka undies around your ankles!).  So off I headed to get some new ones.  Only I somehow managed to buy the most uncomfortable underwear I have EVER owned.

Finally, yesterday we headed back to Farmers and I got some new, new underwear.  And decided I really should sort out the chaos that is my underwear-sock drawer. 

These ones are now going into my maternity wear box, just in case they are needed again in the future.

I discovered 7 odd socks.  6 now have partners.  Not quite sure where the other one has gone.

And of course now I know why I've not been able to find anything I actually wanted in my drawer!  It was stuffed to overflowing with extra-large undies!

So there you have it.  I am the not-so-proud owner of around 43 pairs of underwear.  But I now have a drawer that I can actually find things in, and hopefully will not be buying any more undies for quite some time.

So, just wondering.  Is there a magical number?


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Elizabeth said...

Hahaha - that made me laugh!

Yes - 43 is rather excessive, but when you explain your logic; it's totally undystandable!