Saturday, January 7, 2012


Here we are again.  A new year.  2012.  New, and yet somehow still just the same.  Ever noticed that?  That life generally just continues on, and things rarely ever suddenly change just because we all stayed up and shouted "Happy New Year" at each other?  So life continues.  We've had some time off, a few days spent away with family...which was exhausting by the way.  We came home to have a rest and sleep.  Munchkin was VERY happy to see his bed.  So was I.  Sharing my room with my toddler was okay, but certainly not conducive to peaceful repose.  But it was lovely to go away, all the same.

In blanket-land, I am now halfway through!  I was congratulating myself on my knitting prowess until I realised that I'm hoping to make Munchkin two cardigans (jerseys) this year.  Which means hours and hours of knitting and no peggy squares. So here we have squares 23-28.  The halfway mark. 

I'm now almost out of wool.  Again!  This seems to be a common problem!  Fortunately, Spotlight is once again coming to my rescue with 40% off this week!  I just hope they have some nice colours.   I think I need another 15 balls. Hopefully I'm right.  Grin.



MaxineD said...

Nothing like your own bed!! Great knitting too :-) Well done.

Aynsley said...

Love the blue and pink stripe square in the middle!

Elizabeth said...

Well done - they look great!