Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It Begins

It has already started.  The pitting of Mummy and Daddy against each other thing that kids seem so skilled at.  Munchkin is almost two and a half and seems to already have this skill down pat.  And I am left wondering, are kids BORN with it?

The other day, I was at work and Daddy was on duty.  It was time for afternoon sleep.  Munchkin and Daddy read a book (as per usual).  Then Munchkin asks, "Daddy read sing?" (interpret: Daddy please read and sing for Munchkin)  Daddy's response, "No Munchkin, Daddy already read one book.  I said we would read only one book.  Time for sleep now."  Munchkin: "Mummy read sing" (in a slightly accusing and pleading voice - interpret: Mummy reads and sings for me so you know you really should too!).  The thing is, I don't read and sing for Munchkin before day time naps...I only read.  I sing and read at night time bedtime, and he does know that.  But of course it doesn't stop him asking almost every day for Mummy to 'sing song.'  Or, apparently, stop him trying to convince his daddy that he should either!



MaxineD said...

Ah the memories - Daddy was an expert... :-)
Blessings and love

Elizabeth said...

Ahhhhh - yes, a regular battle at our place these days... and it seems the toddler often wins!