Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recent Happenings

There's been lots going on in our little corner of the world lately.  Nothing terribly earth-shattering mind you (if you don't count Boyo starting more-than-full-time work that is!).

Top of the list would have to be Munchkin's new "Big Bed."

We have actually bought him one of those 'cabin beds' that are a metre off the ground.  But then Mummy had reservations about how safe he would be in it...he is tall for sure (my son is A METRE tall already!!!!!), but he's still little, if you know what I mean.  As the cabin bed was Mummy's idea to start with, she had to come up with a solution.  Found.  $30 bed base from friend's garage sale.  Bonus?  The money spent is helping said friend wend his way to Cambodia on a short-term missions trip to a project we now support.  Thumbs up all round.  Bed base was duly installed in conservatory for preliminary investigations.  Much climbing, jumping (!!), and book reading ensued.  Bedtime stories had to be out in the conservatory, complete with blanket and pillow.  Our boy is a total blanket boy.  He just loves them.  The problem is that he sleeps HOT.  Just like his daddy (only Daddy isn't so crazed over blankets).  So I frequently find the Munchy baby sound asleep, covered in sweat, because he fell asleep right in under his blankets.

Big Bed is now in bedroom.  It has been for a few weeks, it has just taken me this long to catch up with all my photo sorting and editing!  Munchkin really likes it.  It does help that Mummy found him a very cool plane duvet cover on sale for his double feather duvet (he has a likewise cool star one from Mamma and Poppa for his single winter duvet).  Mummy did of course underestimate how hot this boy sleeps, so the feather duvet (which she thinks is just right for sleeping under now!), is way, way, way too hot for Munchy.  Have added 'very light, very thin cotton duvet inner' to list.  In meantime (read: this summer as things are a bit tight), using assortment of small blankets and such from cot.  Munchy does not care.  We just fold the plane duvet back each sleep time, and pop the assorted blankets on top of the cupboard when not in use.  Big Bed will be replaced with 'Big BIG Bed' in due course.  Not sure when.  We want the storage it supplies the smaller bedroom, but will wait till we think Munchkin can get in, out, and stay put safely in it!

Munchkin has been a little, ah, volatile since being in his Big Bed.  Some days he goes straight to sleep.  Others there is a Jack-in-the-Box appearing act from the bedroom multiple times before he finally sucumbs.  Does not help that he can open doors.  Are considering a latch for outside of bedroom door (no, we are not terrible parents, just a bit desperate!  Only for use when he refuses to sleep so he is restricted to playing in his room for at least long enough for Mummy to eat lunch...this we figure is preferable to having a yelling match).  Incidentally, recently had landlord install locks on bathroom and toilet doors.  Yay!  And considering one for inside of our bedroom door (there being a few times you just don't want to be interrupted unannounced by your toddler - he can be surprisingly quiet and we get lured into thinking he went to sleep only to have him emerge with a collection of books, a soft toy and various other objects purloined from his bedroom - are now tying toy cupboard shut with scarf each sleep time but there's still a few things left to play with!).  He always emerges looking so very chuffed with himself!  Till we tell him to go back to bed, which is usually when the tears start.  Or the protestations that he needs the toilet (again!).

Other recent happenings include Munchkin having an 'outside bath' as he called it.  It was morning, and sunny for the first time in ages.  It started with a bucket of water, then we decided to get out his bath tub and swimming gear.  Great fun!  And yes, this is actually his bath tub.  We don't have a bath, so this sits in the wet-area shower.

We also made pikelets a couple of weeks ago.  Scrummy!  My dad taught me when I was young, so naturally this is something I need to pass on to my son.  It was really funny, as I let Munchkin put the jam on himself.  He's never done that before, and I think knife-holding and buttering skills are going to take a bit of time.  A bit of frustration over trying to cut a pikelet in half.  But otherwise a rip-roaring success.  Keeps asking for pikelets at any rate!

And then there was the tent.  I was reminded by Elizabeth's post of the virtues of a good tent so promptly made one the following day.  It was enjoyed, though it didn't come with cars so therefore was discarded after awhile for the car mat in the conservatory!

Then there's the lion we made at Kids Church when I looked after the little tots a few weeks back (Daniel in the lion's den - Munchkin really liked his).

A BBQ with friends - complete with toasting marshmellows and a ride behind a quad bike.

Organsing the making of over 80 Christmas cards.  There is now a large pile of cards on my desk, ready to be posted out to Cambodia tomorrow!  Lots of cutting, glueing, emailing makers and writers, checking names off lists, and praying that these cards will encourage and bless the families they are going to!

And finally the Cherry Choc slice I made for the card-making night.  Recipe courtesy of my mother-in-law who has some fabulous easy-peasy baking things.  This is her personal variation for a Christmassy theme with green peppermint icing and glaze cherries on top.  Really quite more-ish.

What have you been up to lately?

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MaxineD said...

I made a green smoothie!!! DH decided he wanted to try it, liked it, and in the end drank 1/3 of a glass.!! I have also been painting - doing the final coat on the studio.
Blessings and love