Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Harmless Daily Addiction

Most of the time, I manage to come across as a fairly sane, balanced person.  Well, at least I like to think I do.  But every now and then, people look at me like I must have sprouted wings, horns, or some other bodily apparition.  A fairl high percentage of these instances happen to be when I am holding knitting needles.  So I'm guessing that a thirty-one year old doing knitting in public is considered a little unusual.  Granny would have been so proud.  I am, after all, quite proud of myself.  While I could never claim to be a gifted knitter, I am quite competent at squares.  I can knit nice neat, tidy squares, row after row after row...

And frankly, that's about all I am interested in doing.  I have a half-finished cardigan for Munchkin lurking around my house.  I will finish it before next winter, I promise.  It's just that I really hate having to decifer a pattern and THINK about my knitting while I knit.  For me, knitting is all about 'down time.'  Me time.  Thinking space.  Or not thinking space, depending on my mood.  So squares suit me.  Plus of course I love to give and this is one way I can give.

So this year, I delivered yet another multicoloured blanket to Operation Cover Up.  In exchange I was given a DVD Operation Mobilisation created about their work (including delivering the knitted blankets).  I was horrified at how little so many folks have living in countries like Moldova, the Ukraine, Albania, and Romania.  I couldn't imagine being in the position of not ever being able to save enough money to buy a jersey, or a new duvet.  I have a multitude of blankets and duvets, one for each occassion almost.  So I was, once again, impressed with how valuable this knitting is.  It might only change one person's life.  But what a difference it might make for them!

Here's the 2012 blanket being finished off.  With my expert lay-out helper, of course!

And finished.  With my critiquing committee giving it the seal of approval.

And the inspiring contributions of others.  My special delivery assistant was helping with this one.  Munchkin is going to think it is completely normal and natural to rock up to a room full of mostly retirees, blankets and jerseys once a year!

And of course, the day after I delivered it, I started the next blanket.  After all, I managed to wool on sale at Spotlight again, earlier in the year so I am all stocked up and ready to knit (and I seem to recall that there was a movie on tv, and I absolutely HATE having nothing to do in the ad breaks, grin!).

I've done quite a few squares lately.  It's been progressing quickly, as I've had mornings free lately!  Horray.  Sadly no longer so.  But they were rather nice, while they lasted.

I'm doing a random mix of squares again this year, but interspersed with narrower strips, first one seen here.  Haven't decided how many I will do yet.

Like my 'scarf?'

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MaxineD said...

What a lot of knitting - I admire your tenacity in your blanket making!!
Blessings and love