Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

I read an idea over at Great Fun 4 Kids yesterday that I think is fabulous!

Appreciation Training!

You know, for all those times you hope your kid will remember that they have in fact been taught manners and could dust them off and air them out in public once in a while!?  Especially at Christmas, when there's so much gift giving and receiving hype that it becomes really easy to wish for more and more and more, and forget to say, "Thanks!"

Check out Simoney's post for details, but the basic idea is to create a game in which children have to ooh and ahh over random presents (collected from around the house and wrapped up for the game before being returned to their respective homes afterwards).  They have to find something nice to say about it.  It's a great opportunity to not only remember gratitude, but also get creative.  You could even go so far as to call it the "Appreciation and Innovation Game!"  Just what can you do with a peg that turns it into something you love?  What nice thing can you find to say about an empty toilet roll or Dad's old singlet that's been turned into rags?  Can you put on a funny voice and pretend to be a movie star receiving a priceless gift? "Dahhhling, it's just fabulous!"

After all, for many children, these things we have lying around our homes are treasures.  They don't get fancy toys from K-mart or new clothes from Farmers.  Sometimes it's good to remember how blessed we are.  And to have a laugh while doing it! 

Now, at two and a half Munchkin is probably a little young for this game.  But I'm going to stash this away in my "Christmas Ideas" to pull out in another year or so.  I imagine it will be a ton of fun!  And something that us adults could both enjoy and benefit from just as much as the kids!

Do you (or did you) have any fun ways of teaching your children manners, appreciation, or gratitude?


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MaxineD said...

I am sure Boyo could tell you I never used games like this - it was just straight consistency as a parent to teach manners.:-).
Blessings and love