Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Only Monday...



Vacuuming?  Check.
Bathroom?  Check.
Toilet?  Check.
Kitchen?  Check.
Food scraps?  Check.
Beds made?  Check.
Washing?  Up to date.

Small boy time?  Duly spent making two tunnels and car wash for cars, plus brumming round on car mat, flying planes, etc.  Will of course require continued attention throughout the day.  Grin.

Car?  Otherwise engaged in ferrying husband to and from work.



Hello?  Anybody out there?  Hmm...this could be a problem.

Baking is up to date.  Made assorted birthday cards, etc last week.  Don't need groceries.  Really shouldn't just watch tv.  It is a lovely sunny day.  Small boy tells me he is uninterested in going outside to throw his ball (the aim of the game is to hit the trees!), drive trike up and down driveway (read: Mummy push boy on trike up and down driveway till boy or Mummy has had enough), or do some gardening.  Might require some persuasion before one Mummy goes insane from boredom!

What am I supposed to DO all day???



MaxineD said...

Do a second load of washing, water garden, shopping, finish preparing card class, visit neighbour, ironing, vacuum, clean bathroom, prepare meals..... that was my day (not necessarily in that order) - I think there were some other things as well, I know I was busy all day...
How is the sewing going, or is that a "when Munchkin is asleep" activity?

Blessings and Love

Aynsley said...

Continue blogging - we love the updates! Knit some more squares, bake some delicious treats and take time to smell the roses.... enjoy the down time while you have it!

Elizabeth said...

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed when I read this...

I should be so lucky!