Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And now it's Tuesday

We ended up having a happily occupied Monday. Yay!

This included:
Gardening.  Mummy weeded, dug and moved some plants around while Munchkin dug, and played with worms, snails, skipping rope, ball, and cars.
Mowed lawns.  Lawns which were not very long, but full of clover.  I deprived the bees of their lunch in order to hopefully avoid Munchkin getting stung playing on the lawn over the next few days.
Pretending to sleep.  Munchkin decided that Monday was not a sleep day, thank you very much.  He lay in bed, banging legs on wall, playing with soft toys.  Emerged with pooey nappy, ugh.  Returned to room for a bit longer then emerged to play.
Sewing by Mummy, between sorting out non-sleeping boy.  I have been working on learning to sew some skirts so spent time folding, ironing, pinning, and sewing.  Plus of course rethreadding bobbins and trying hard not to make mistakes!
Feeding chooks.  This involves at least a 25min walk there (Munchkin having to walk part of it these days can add considerable time, as he hardly ever JUST walks - there's always so much to see!), feeding the girls, and then walking back home.  It usually takes our whole afternoon by the time we've had kai (food) after getting Munchy up from his sleep.
Cooking dinner and playing with Daddy (Mummy the former and Munchy the later).  Made the most delicious risotto I have EVER made, hands down.  Never been good at them.  Think I have always rushed the process.  This was AMAZING.  Next time, I will be making more leftovers to avoid squabbles over who gets it (we split this time, but there's not really enough lunch for either of us but neither wanted to give way!).

Today is Tuesday.  Walking to a friend's today, yay.  Play buddy for the boy, and someone to talk to for the Mummy! 

Dishes away?  Check.
Garden watered?  Underway.
Load of washing?  Underway.
Spend time with boy?  Shortly.  Breakfast then playing with cars.
Fruit and veges?  Stop on the way to friend's (could leave it to tomorrow but today suits me better).
Later today?
Cut and sew more fabric.  See about moving desk to bedroom for sewing and later, study.
After sleep time, probably baking (thought we were up to date, but Boyo has made greater inroads than anticipated!), hommus, maybe popcorn, perhaps some more gardening, and of course our green smoothies for today.  Then it will be time for bath, dinner, and evening routines.

What are you hoping to get up to today?



MaxineD said...

Takes a bit of planning to keep yourself busy when you are unexpectedly left with lots of time and no demands on that time.Well done.
Blessings and love

Elizabeth said...

Haha - you still had the rest of the week to go... feel free to pop up for a visit and help with my housework should you feel the urge *grin*!!!!