Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eating Addictions

I should be putting things up on Trademe to sell.  I am (obviously) not particularly motivated to be doing that just now...I really should, I know, it is just so BORING.

So I thought I'd tell you about my latest eating addictions.  Being in study mode means I usually go one of either two ways...option one, forget about food completely until I am feeling almost sick from hunger, then feel way too hungry come afternoon/evening.  Option two, snack all day.  Probably better for me, provided I can manage to find reasonable snacks.  I am finding my best bet is to put out a plate of snacky foods as soon as I walk in from the morning kindy run.  I'm usually hungry about then (9:30am), so at least that means I've had something to eat before 2pm!

Been eating a lot of this lately:

Homemade hummus with carrot sticks.  The interesting thing is that normally I do not like eating carrot sticks.  But with hummus, I devour them.  A great snack.  Protein through the chickpeas, without feeling like I'm eating chickpeas, plus low GI energy in the carrots.  Delicious.  Not at all a trial to eat!

The only issue (other than that my freezer stash of hummus has nearly run out and I need to make more!), is that I finished off that really nice snack pictured above with chocolate slice.  Two slices of, in fact.  Duh.  Way to spoil some good eating.  I am just so addicted.  I make it especially.  It's my little treat.  Only the sugar in the icing is probably not doing me any good...but without the icing the slice is nothing.  Ugh.  Really should stop making it.  Maybe next week???



MaxineD said...

I went through bags of plain carrots when I was studying... must be brain food!
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

Hmmm - never had a carrot fetish here ;-)!

BUT - the day you wrote this, we were talking about hummus and finding a good recipe for it!

PLEASE e-mail me your recipe, Luke will be very grateful!