Sunday, July 21, 2013

Peace and Quiet

There is snoring emanating from the upstairs master bedroom.

There is snuffling coming from the lounge.

I am therefore here in the office.

I gave up on sleep.  After spending the night on the couch due to Boyo's snoring, then being joined by Munchkin in the early morning, my hips and back were just too sore to spend another moment lying down.  Munchy-baby eventually fell back asleep (after wriggling and jiggling all over me, poking my mouth, pulling my chin, wrapping his little arms around me, pawing me with his feet like a cat, coughing in my face, and generally being very lovable in a not-totally-enjoyable way!).  He is still there, snuffling away.  I suppose I really should go and wake him up.  But I know that he's been sick, and therefore is completely wiped out.  I don't know why it is, but my kid just doesn't sleep well when sick.  A week of disrupted nights and I'm wiped out too.  It's not like I had good sleep before that (the week before it was Boyo and his snoring that were to blame, ugh!).  I was so tired on Saturday that I went to bed at the grand hour of 8pm.  And slept.  Till 10 when Munchkin woke needing more pamol.  Then till Boyo got home around 1am, then when he came to bed at 3am, then when Munchkin woke again at 4...I gave up at 5:45am when my back was screaming at me...Boyo asked me in the morning if I'd had a good sleep.  Hmmm...  Well, I don't really know whether to class that as good.  If I'd had a sleep like that back in my 'before baby' days, I'd have been moaning for weeks!  But now?  It's just normal.  Oh, how sad I have become!

I really should go and get the Munchkin up.  But he's tired, and I'm tired, and sometimes it is just better not to be together too much when we're both tired.  You know what I mean?  And now that he IS sleeping, he probably needs as much as he can get.  I hate chest infections!  Coughs and colds I can take, but it is just so awful thinking my boy is getting well, then watching him crash all over again, listening to him wheeze, watching him fighting for air, hear him tell me he is freezing cold all while he is burning to the touch.  I hate chest infections.  The doctor assures me that kids usually grow out of their susceptibility to them.  I sure hope so.  We're doing all we can.  We now live in a mould free house!  Horray!  It's dry and warm.  He has a heater on at night, just to make sure and is on preventative asthma meds.  We dress him warmly, feed him wisely, and give him several immune boosting top-ups...which cost quite a bit, but I know in my heart of hearts that my boy's health will cost more if we don't look after him well!  And he is doing better.  He doesn't have a constant underlying wheeze this winter.  So that's an improvement.  And he isn't getting sick as easily.  Or having a less-than-average cold turn into a chest infection.  This is his first this year.  We've had a few close calls, but I'm much better at reading the signals and getting onto things earlier.  I realise where it leads, and there's no way I want my boy fighting for breath the way he was last winter!  But it still all takes a toll.  I'm just worn out.  He's been home most of the week.  Frustrating.  After doing the right thing and going to the doctors, keeping him home and looking after him Monday/Tuesday and then thinking he was well Wednesday only to discover he'd developed the secondary infection and we had to go back to the doctors Thursday.  We did get to see family who were visiting this week.  I'm really grateful for that.  We don't get to see them often so it would have been so disappointing to have missed it.  But it really was too much for Munchy, and while he wasn't really contagious when we saw them, I do hope we didn't pass anything on.  Colds are just colds, but they sure can make life yucky when you've got little ones, or even when you haven't (thinking of some of the doozey colds I've had as an adult).

Well, think I just heard noises from the lounge, other than sleeping ones.  Time for another cuddle then breakfast!



MaxineD said...

Oh yes - I can remember the days when asked if I had had a good night, and I would say yes, I only had to get up x number of times, rather than the usual Y!!
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes... peace and quiet was much awaited today. One exhausted Mummy here was over it by dinner time!