Sunday, April 20, 2014

As Promised

As mentioned, I've been working on a new project.

It's a crocheted blanket!

I'm about halfway through.

It's been an eye-opening experience.  I have to admit, much to my embarrassment, that I've had this wool for over 8 years.  I bought it specifically to make a mohair crocheted blanket just like one my mother-in-law has (which, had I not strong moral values, I would have stolen long ago!  It is so deliciously warm, cosy, snuggly, soft, light, airy, and generally delectably perfect-blanket material!).  But of course I bought the wool and then didn't know where to start on the blanket.  My crochet skills to this point have consisted of just enough to join my knitted squares together, and that was very slow going for many years.  So the wool has stayed stashed away, out of sight and mostly out of mind.  But in the last couple of years it's been bugging me.  I really should use it!  So I finally got it out and my wonderful mother-in-law sat down with me and showed me how to make it. 

Guess what?  It is REALLY EASY.  Super, super, simple.  One stitch pattern the ENTIRE blanket, with just slight variations.  I feel a bit silly.  But at least I'm doing it now.  And now I've discovered how, I'm motivated to do more.  I have grand schemes to make a blanket for my boy (who's a hot sleeper and doesn't really have a summer blanket) and another for me.  I bought this wool years ago and simply chose the best available colour at the time, returning to the store once a week to buy my 10 balls of wool.  But I don't actually like it.  Silly, silly, silly.  It is super soft and snuggly, but I just can't find it in me to love the colour.  So this one will probably be gifted to Operation Cover Up and I hope to buy more wool one day to make myself one.  I'll probably make it slightly lighter too, as this has ended up a bit thicker than I'd intended. 

The reason I love these blankets?  Well, they are super soft.  But it's the holeyness that I really love.  That you can curl your fingers through the holes and kind of knead it like a cat.  I love the beauty in the basic woven pattern and how amazingly warm they are for something so light and comfortable.


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Maxine D said...

So glad you have not stolen my blanket :-) and I must admit yours is looking beautiful.
Love and blessings