Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Love Feijoas!

Feijoa season is here at last!  I've been waiting.

Delicious eaten fresh, scooped from the skin, feijoas have a distinctive taste all their own.  My son will sit and scoop every last morsel from the skin, working his way around and around and around over and over again with his spoon, until there's not a single sliver of fruit left to savour!

Then there's feijoa and apple crumble.  Feijoas add an amazing tang to an already favourite dish.

But I have to say, the absolute bestest of the best use of feijoas has got to be smoothies.

WOW.  What more can I say.  They are delicious.  Divine.  Scrummy.  Amazing.

They blend into a smooth, tangy, delectably tasty smoothie that just disappears in seconds.

The three of us highly recommend it.  We have, thus far, eaten our way through about 4 shopping bags of feijoas kindly gifted to us by folks who have large fruitful trees. 

Okay, so maybe I did manage to stash a few bags or so in the freezer for smoothies.  Can't have them going rotten before we can eat them all now, can we?! 

The production line!

Now if only I could find more room in the freezer...

The smoothie drawer of our freezer is officially full!



Shirley said...

I would love your recipe for feijoa smoothie please. I see you are a scooper of feijoas. I am a peeler- for higher yield, but that has not been scientifically proven!!

Maxine D said...

Anxiously waitinf for our trees to fruit - there is one good sized one nearly ripe....
Love and blessings