Thursday, April 17, 2014


This post was supposed to be up last night.  But somehow it has disappeared!  Good thing I saved a copy...

I have made it to the end of Term 1!!!!  Wahoo!! 
Cough.  Cough. Cough.
Yep, only just.  I came down with a sore throat on the last day of the last assignment.  It has since developed into a cough, which I am terming 'end-of-term-ITIS' (spelt with capitals only because the silly auto correct insisted it should be it is - why it won't accept my correction that I WANT it spelt ITIS I do not know!).  It's just the way it goes, being a student.  Well, that's the way my life as a student goes anyway.  I work hard.  Really hard.  And invariably I find that the end of term, as soon as the adrenaline has worn off, I get sick.  This is pretty good though, as far as sick goes. I do feel really, really tired.  Bone weary.  So glad my last class is tomorrow.  But, I don't have the usual 'so thick I almost can't breathe' congestion with the cold.  It's been a hard and a great term all in one.  The papers have been interesting, and I'd just like to say that I am LOVING being back in a smaller institution where I am valued so much as a person.  Where I get one-on-one meetings with my head of department just to see how things are going.  Where people notice if I'm not in class.  Heck, they are even having to schedule classes to fit my individualised learning progression so my one third year paper doesn't clash with any of my second year papers next semester!  It is just so nice after studying by distance, where I didn't meet a single lecturer in 3 years, have a single phone call that wasn't initiated by me, and felt so isolated, to now be doing the last part of my journey with people who are purposeful in trying to know what makes me tick, as well as what will make me a great educator.  It's so reassuring going into a five week placement (in just three weeks time, arrghhhhh!) knowing that if I need to take a day off sick, I don't have to make it up.  Sickness and Practicum are kind of a joint package, a combined deal.  Buy one, get one free.  Go on Prac, get a cold or something.  It just happens, especially in Early Childhood.  As a student, not working in the industry all the time, I simply don't have the immunity that's needed to withstand snot on clothes, coughs in face, and the constant exposure to germs left, right, and centre that is small children.  Small, delightful, exciting, fun children, but germy all the same!
My to-do list is currently on hold.  It has been rewritten. 
The revised edition is:
Stop coughing
Stop coughing
Enjoy some time with the family before you're working more-than-full-time for five weeks
There's a few things that I really should do, but haven't yet.  Like birthday cards for my sisters-in-law.  Bit late.  Not my usual modus operandus, but I'm sure they will understand.  We do at least sing for them.  Munchkin too nowadays, and I must say it is terribly cute!  I really should plant the three punnets of seedlings that are sitting by the back door.  But it's been raining. And I'm tired.  Might get to that tomorrow. 
Then there's a few things I actually need to do.  Like visiting my Practicum placement to meet the teachers and children, and find my basic way around.  And buy us some more fruit and vegetables before Easter.
Tonight we had dinner at the beach.  I had a class till 4:40pm.  So afterwards I scooted home, and we headed out with leftover Quinoa Cheese Cups, some capsicum and tomato, and a scoop of chips from our local shop.  The beach was glorious.  As it always is.  I just love the sound of the waves.  Munchkin was ecstatic.  He'd wanted to go at lunch time.  He ran, and dug, and was a very happy small boy.  But also a very dry small boy this time, thankfully.  I banned the water.  It wasn't a good night to be getting wet.  He even had to borrow my wool top, because it was a bit colder than I'd thought it would be and the poor boy was cold in his polarfleece.  At least I'd dressed myself warmly.  Off came my longsleeved top to go under his polarfleece, while I made do with my polarfleece and my big 'car' jacket.  So glad Boyo taught me early in our relationship that it makes great sense to always have a spare jacket in your car boot!  Then we walked, talked, and enjoyed the beach.  Boy now asleep.  Husband now pottering.  Amy thinking about bed.  Grin.

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Maxine D said...

That last paragraph about tea on the beach sounds like heaven :-)!! Hope you soon get enough sleep and stop coughing SOON.
Blessings and Love