Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Generosity of Strangers

I have been totally blown away by folks generosity when it comes to baby clothes!!! What amazes me most is that the people I have received from for the most part barely know me (if at all). My sister-in-law has passed on several lots of lovely second hand clothes from people she knows - cardigans, booties, singlets, all-in-ones, and so on. Then a teacher on my Practicum turned up one morning with a big bag of baby clothes too, plus a set of flannelette cot sheets!

Add these to the second hand knighties I have found, and the stash of woolen cardigans my mum got at Savemart for us, and we are almost set. I think the only things on my 'list' now are hats (which I will knit soonish!) and woolen singlets. I have 2 beautiful winter family shawls to use, plus my mother-in-law will knit a summer one.

We've been given a basinette to hang in the cot, a baby bath, and mostly likely a car seat capsule.

The washing machine is currently going with the cot sheets I made, to be followed by another load of gifted baby clothes. I have several bags of washed baby clothes already, plus a few more bits and bobs left to wash. My mum has almost finished the cardigan/hat/bootie/mitten set she is knitting (ladybird buttons - so cute)! My sister-in-law's mother-in-law kindly knitted a beautiful little dark blue cardigan from some wool I got. My own mother-in-law has found a soft blanket, pillow case and day shawl that she used when Boyo was a baby and passed them on to us.

Now I just have to work out where to store all these terrific baby clothes - a problem I am more than happy to be encountering!

My grateful thanks to all the folks who are helping to prepare for Munchkin's arrival.


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Little Bit said...

Hey Amy,

We're happy to help anyway we can - we have been blessed out of Lydia's little socks with all the things we have been given also...

My friend Deirdre has come back to me and said they are (and her Mum is) happy to pass on all the knitted garments they have got - I know you're fairly okay for these now, so I thought I would give you first option on them and anything left can go to Kinzie (she is having a boy).

So will bring them down when we come to visit Munchkin, OR give them to Mum as she may see you sooner...

Yeah - so exciting!!!!