Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meatless Monday...Ah, Thursday!

Hi again! Well, my second week of officially trying to remember to do Meatless Monday has been a bit of a flop. Not a particularly good start, but I am not despondent just yet. I have been on my first Practicum you see, so things have been a little hectic. I am very blessed to have this opportunity to observe and learn from a teacher, and am having a great (though tiring!) time. The students and teacher are all taking very good care of me. I even have a special wheely chair so I can move around the tables to work with students without having to bend or kneel! I have concluded that good teaching is as much about negotiation and soothing of ruffled emotions as it is about maths or the a-b-cs. At least with the littlies, at any rate! My days consist of listening to children, watching children, helping children sound out words, checking their spelling, making sure they've all got their hats at morning tea time, patting crying shoulders, sharpening pencils and countless other little duties associated with helping young learners develop. It is a challenging and, at times daunting, job. I have so much respect for our teachers. It is no mean feat, controlling a classroom of children. And then getting them to learn something new on top of that - well, amazing, that's all I can say! I am with a fabulous class and a fabulous teacher and am learning so much...mostly just how much more I have yet to learn before I even contemplate taking over a classroom of my own!

So, in all this, I kind of forgot Meatless Monday in my planning. So we are having Meatless Thursday instead. Tomorrow's planned dinner is scrambled eggs, salad, and kumara (sweet potato). So Meatless we are, despite it not quite being Monday still! Grin.

Of course, with all the brain strain going in relation to my studies, I have also not contemplated World Water Day, other than the odd, "Oh no, I'm running out of time and I still haven't a clue what I can do for it!" As these thoughts are invariably replaced with either what to feed us today, whether I have organised my bag for tomorrow, written my notes up from today or figured out just what happened in that moment in the classroom, I haven't got very far at all. I guess I am doing the first step though, and sometimes that is about all one can do. Awareness is often the critical inital process, and sometimes I need to allow a little more time for awareness to really sink in before I launch into action (I do tend to be a bit too action-oriented!). So action will come, sometime. For now I will try to keep the awareness of World Water Day somewhere near-ish the front of my brain space and hope that my subconcious mind will be working away diligently, finding some good applications for my life. The subconscious mind is good like that. You give it a problem or a question, and if you give it enough time and space, eventually something 'pops up' to the surface!

Well, the time has come for this tired preggy to put herself and baby to bed. Another day of reading, writing, talking, listening, sharing, admonishing, praising and generally interacting full-on with children awaits me tomorrow. I definitely need my beauty sleep!

I hope your week is one of blessing and purpose.

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MaxineD said...

Hi Amy - sounds as though your prac is filling your entire thoughts at the moment - do hope you have remembered Sunday :-)
We have not been meat-free this week, but we often do have a meat free day. Oh, remind me to give you my quiche recipe this weekend - it's great in the winter for a hot meal, and nice cold too, if there is any left over and totally meat free and tasty!!