Saturday, March 27, 2010

I love Dysons

Have you ever done research on vacuum cleaners? Some friends of ours did a few months back and commented that if you've got a limited budget, you shouldn't, because invariably the raving comments about cleaners were about Dysons and if you couldn't get a Dyson, that would be disappointing. The saying goes that you get what you pay for and in vacuum cleaners I think this is probably pretty accurate. It is quite difficult to buy a second hand Dyson. No one wants to sell!

Having recently moved, our brand new vacuum cleaner has had a chance to show us what it is made of. I would just like to say that I love Dysons!!!

We were originally given a Dyson as a wedding present from my parents (thanks so much, Mum and Dad). It was duly lent to my in-laws when we went overseas, and they later bought it from us because they liked it so much. Grin.

So when the time came to get a new vacuum cleaner, I had 2 options on my wish list. One, a Dyson, two, a Henry (Henry being a semi-commercial cleaner my family had - they work well, cost around $300-400 and have rather cute 'faces' on them!). We decided that a vacuum cleaner was one area we should not be skimping in. With 2 asthmatics in the house who also both get hayfever, and the high possibility of ending up in a rental with old, dusty carpet we needed something that would do the job and do it well the first time.

So we got a Dyson in the Boxing Day sales. This meant we managed to get the model we wanted together with the turbo head for the price we'd normally get just the vacuum cleaner. The turbo head just pulls up even more dust than a standard Dyson head. Upon moving into our new rental, the Dyson has been duly unpacked and put to work.
What do I love about it so much??? Well, where to are my three favourite features...
It is light and easy to move. This is the only vacuum cleaner I've ever used that I can operate left-handed as well as right-handed, giving my back a break from all the twisting that invariably accompanies vacuuming. And I have used quite a few vacuums in my time.
It has a swivel head. This is one of the absolute best things - it means I can vacuum the walls, the shelves, the curtains, the floor, the skirting board (pretty much everything!) and all using the one head.
I can actually see how much dust I am vacuuming up. Which means that I don't forget to empty the 'bag' before it starts to overflow! Yes, I must admit to being one of those people who would invariably leave emptying the vacuum cleaner for the next person. But not anymore.

So there you have it. I do like Dysons. If you could have only seen me, vacuuming out my kitchen drawers and cupboards, talking to myself and my vacuum cleaner about how much I love Dysons!


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