Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Not an Imbecile...Really!

We are in the process of moving, Boyo and I. We've been boarding with my parents for the past 10 months and are now moving into a 2bedroom unit in preparation for Munchkin's arrival in 3 months' time. While we have really enjoyed staying with my folks, and so appreciated their generosity (sharing your home with your grown kids is no mean feat, folks!), it will be nice to have our own little space, unpack all our boxes (some have been stored for 4 years!), and feel a little more established here in Tauranga.
I've been juggling the moving requirements around study. By moving requirements, I mean the usual things like organising power and phone, and packing belongings. But as we returned to New Zealand with only a few boxes and a bed, we've also had the added task of purchasing new items for our home. Some of this has been really enjoyable, and some, we could quite frankly do without! Boyo has been doing most of the box relocation tasks and many of the other moving related ones in order to give me more study time, but there has still been plenty to do.
So the big move is today/tomorrow. Yesterday I was trying to organise some fresh batteries for my battery powered toothbrush (my compromise between a standard brush and an electric one). I wanted to pack the battery charger. There I was, batteries in charger but charger not working. Boyo came up to help and suggested checking the little button that sets the charger up for either 2 or 4 batteries. My response? "I'm not an imbecile, you know!" I had checked that twice. Yes well, he begged to disagree, looking over the batteries and immediately noticing something was wrong. I had very carefully checked the little labels inside the charger and worked out which end was the 'positive' end and popped my batteries in all in a row. The only problem was, I managed to put them, all of them, in negative to positive! They were all the wrong way round! I swear I have used the charger a multitude of times, and I definitely know which end is the positive one. I also know which end (the pointy one) is the positive end of a battery! Blame it on the baby brain!!!
And here I thought I'd been holding things together nicely. At least I managed to laugh at myself.


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MaxineD said...

Thanks for the giggle - you have done well not to have a major moment (that we know off)before now :-)