Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Boyo's birthday is coming up. I suspect he might have turned into an adrenaline junkie...last year he had a bungee jump from my parents for his birthday. This year he has told the whole family that the ONLY thing he wants is a skydive. I think he will enjoy it. Just as long as he doesn't expect me to do any of these things with him, I am quite happy for him to do them (I do not like jumping!)! I figure that it is better he has a great time off on an adventure somewhere for his birthday, than gets given lots of stuff that then isn't used (not that this is always the case by any means, he has had many enjoyable birthday presents that still get used frequently, it is just that we are trying to cut back on the amount of stuff we own, and getting more stuff doesn't really help with that!).

Usually I start thinking about what I would like for my birthday after I've organised his. Mine is 3 months later. In my family, we have always been asked what we would like...and my parents have always put a lot of effort into giving great birthday gifts. So here's my list. Now, you will think that this is very, very early and taking planning to a whole other level, and you are right. But let me tell you a little secret that will make you absolutely sure I have lost the plot. I made this list in January. 9 months before my birthday! Yep, crazy lady. The thing is, I was thinking about birthdays and gifts and stuff a lot at that time (I think it was probably a post-Christmas reflection on consumerism that started it all). I kind of just ended up writing a list because I was thinking about it so much. The interesting part of all this is that I have added only 1 item to this list since January...the children's picture books to use in my teaching career. Everything else has remained pretty much just as I wrote it 6 months ago. I think that's probably a good sign that I am on the right track. So here you are, have a chuckle at my birthday wish list!
For my birthday I want:
Guinea pigs
An acre or so

As I am not going to be getting any of these (at least for some time!) then I would like the following:

Wool 8ply (double knit) pure wool, or at least 80% wool, any colour, any quantity
For Operation Cover Up knitting (blankets, hats, etc)

Material At least ½m in size per piece is best, odds and ends are okay, cotton/easy to sew/well-wearing fabrics
You could include cotton thread and elastic to sew if you liked…
To sew bags or skirts (elastic waist) for Operation Christmas Child

World Vision Gift Cards
Pigs, chickens, goats, seeds, gardening tools, etc
If I can’t have my own livestock at present then I’d like to make sure someone who needs it gets to have theirs!

I know gift giving at someone’s birthday means a lot and I really do love getting presents, but I am trying to cut back on the amount of stuff I am collecting that doesn’t get used. With our tight budget at present I’m unlikely to be able to get these sorts of things myself as I normally would. With these gifts I then get the double blessing of a gift, that I then get to give on to someone else after I have had a chance to be creative with it! Which is something that I get an incredible sense of satisfaction out of (both the creativity and the giving!).

Other related ideas:
Small shoe boxes (empty)
Christmas or coloured wrapping paper
Buttons (to use with sewing and/or card making projects)
Fabric Ribbons (to use with sewing and/or card making projects)
Excellent children’s picture books (for my teaching career – and because I just love books!)

So there you have it. The wish list of a mad woman. Do you have a wish list (for birthdays or just because)?



MaxineD said...

No - I am not generally a list person unless it is "essential tasks before and event" sort of list.... I think we can use a few of the ideas from what you have listed :-)

Aynsley said...

Aren't crafty presents the best... you get the fun firstly from receiving, then from creating and finally from giving!Three times the enjoyment!