Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I hemmed my wrap this past week, finally. Not the best sewing effort either, but then who's checking? It is now tucked away ready for use when Munchkin is born. I am looking forward to seeing how well it works, having been through a few U-tube tutorials on a couple of different ways to front wrap Munchkin. My one foray into creativity with this project was sewing our name on it. It kind of looks like a kid's done it, but that honestly was me and my sewing machine!

I love the colours in this fabric! They are so bright and cheery.


MaxineD said...

who needs expert if it hangs together!! Love the colours and texture of the fabric - is it a knit fabric??

Amy said...

I don't actually know what it was in the bargain section at the fabric barn. $3/metre I think (and it is 5m long). It is fairly thick, very slightly stretchy and soft (you don't want much stretch at all for wraps apparently). I have another piece the same size as this one, plus another that is twice as wide available if I want to use them too. Amy