Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This is my first (unofficial) Mother's Day. I am told it is the quietest one I will have for many years! I suspect, in fact I am almost certain, that this is correct.

At church today, each woman was given a rose as they came in. Isn't it beautiful?

And here's a little saying from the day.

I think that this year I am only just beginning to realise the enormity of being a mother. And I'm not officially one yet (not for a few more weeks at any rate). I had my parents around here last night, helping me work out how to set the hanging basinet up properly in the cot, and it made me stop and think how truly unique parents are. I mean, friends are great, but there's something about the lengths that parents (or mine at any rate) will go to for their child. I wonder if they had any idea 28 years ago, that their roles as parents would continue for so long and in such great detail? They wrapped me in a shawl, talked to me, fed me, and cuddled me and probably couldn't think past the day when they'd get to sleep through the night again! And here we are, 28 years later, with my mum showing me just how she wrapped me, so I can wrap Munchkin the same. And my dad's there, undoing and redoing bolts, while drinking the ever-present cup of tea. I learned to make pretty decent cups of tea at a young age. I still don't know how to make a half decent cup of coffee. I drink neither.
The role of a mother is never ending. It is a job description without words, a calling above and beyond a career. I am so thankful for my mum, and awed when I consider what she has done and who she is in my life. She no longer has to dress me, but she's spent hours this year browsing SaveMart with me - I have my mum to thank that I am a decently dressed preggy - she has much better dress sense than me! The days of reading bedtime stories are over, but she still sits and listens intently while I talk through the ups and downs of my week. Her words have changed from, "Don't touch that, it's hot!" to those of advice and encouragement to an adult still finding her feet in the world.
To all the Mum's out there - you are to be honoured and blessed. I think of Mamma and Granny and Great-gran and the legacy they have left for us. I think of my friend's Mum's and their hospitality towards me. I think of my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law (congratulations on becoming a Mum!) and the welcome they extend to me as an addition to their family. And I think of my best friend, a Mum of 9 months and another inspiration. All so different, all so giving. It feels in some ways like I am entering into hallowed teritory...the realm of motherhood is not something to be taken lightly: it is hard, it will challenge me beyond my expectations, but I also hope it will be ultimately rewarding to walk beside my child as they grow, as my mum has done for me.

Have you thanked a special mum ('real' or surrogate) in your life today?

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MaxineD said...

Motherhood is now an inescapable fact for you - it's a journey that never ends - but builds you and molds you as you go along - and it is both mundane and exciting - incredibly hard and incredibly rewarding - and your perspective is never the same again!!