Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Missing Friend

I miss sleep. It is as if a long-lost friend has gone on holiday to some remote tropical island, deserting me, and I am left with just noise and pollution and a wistful wish that I could be somewhere else. I try ringing, writing, texting, but conversation is brief, sporadic and entirely unsatisfying. My friend is busy elsewhere. Ah, it is a sad thing.

I head to bed each night in hopes of us being reunited. But all too often, sleep eludes me. Why can't I go to the tropical island too?!?

Seriously, the past couple of weeks have seen a major deterioration in my sleeping patterns. At the moment I am managing around 1-2hrs at a stretch, before waking to intense discomfort. My 5 assorted pillows do not seem to be helping. Even sleeping in a near-upright position no longer seems to keep Munchkin low enough to avoid my ribs. There are small feet. They are bony and they wriggle. I wonder sometimes how Munchkin feels about all this. Is the baby as uncomfortable as me? Can it possibly be??! It does get the better end of the deal overall. I mean, wrapped in a special fluid sack, tucked in the front of all the action...meanwhile my organs get squished progressively further and further into my back. There's only so much room in there you know.

Of course, the other issue is that I'm down to all of 2 possible sleeping positions. Right side, or left side. Legs in the same spot for either...and definitely no rolling towards the stomach or the back. So if I don't wake to Munchkin wriggling, I wake because my lower leg is aching. And with my bump so sticky-outy there's no way I am going to manage rolling over without waking up. It is a major undertaking requiring the use of various pillows, much wriggling and gentle rolling, and general sighing on my part. And then staying perfectly still, hoping that I will remain comfortable long enough to fall asleep again.

Boyo is sleeping okay. He has the spare bed. Which is a good thing, considering he works till midnight 4 nights a week. Last night I finally worked out (at 5am!) that the couch is currently more comfortable than the bed...I got 2 hours of good sleep, woke to roll over, then got another hour before deciding I really should face the day. Tonight I am trying a new plan. I will start on the couch until Boyo comes home from work, get up then for food/loo/stretch, head to bed for however long I last there, then return to the couch later in the early morning if need be. It could be interesting to see how it works out.

Thanks for coming by and reading the ramblings of this sleep-deprived, crazy, pregnant student!


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