Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to 'Normal?'

Tomorrow my son will be 6 weeks old. It is hard to believe! The past week has seen so much change in him. He is now grinning, kicking his legs, watching people move around the room, and generally more alert and interested in the world. I am still not getting much sleep, but things seem to be gradually changing in that area too.

Today I cleaned the bathroom. This is the first time since he was born. It has been somewhat neglected, left to random wipes from others from time to time when it got really grotty.

Does this mean that things are returning to 'normal' for me? Not that my life will ever be the same again, but I am hoping that the fact that I've finally cleaned the bathroom again might mean that I am coping okay with life...I guess the real test will be whether it gets cleaned again next week...



MaxineD said...

Funny how the jobs we dislike are the ones we leave until the last to pick up when we have been under the weather at all!!

I can remember having to clean some areas that were really disgusting because of that!!


Little Bit said...

I remember thinking the same thing when I cooked my first meal - does this mean life is slowly coming into some semblance of order? Not here yet, last week feels like a dream - a small oasis in the midst of some LONG weeks! But then she smiles, and it makes it all worthwhile... one day we'll get there Amy!