Monday, July 5, 2010

The Cost of Living: Rice

I suddenly decided this morning that I wanted to know how much it costs us to eat rice. I have no idea why, I just randomly decided I wanted to know. It might have something to do with the fact that I bought a nice 5kg bag of Basmati rice at the supermarket on Saturday. It cost just under $15NZ (it was on special but I can usually get it for around this price), so that left me pondering just how much it really cost us. Per meal, I mean. So I got out the trusty kitchen scales and weighed 1 cup of rice. It came to around 200g. My 5kg bag of rice at $15 equates to $3/kg. Which equals $0.60 per cup. Boyo and I currently eat around 3/4c of rice per main meal, so that would be 45cents. But I usually cook 1 1/2c so that a couple of meals go in the freezer for Boyo's work nights. Either way, it comes out pretty cheap. Now obviously the rice we buy is not locally grown. New Zealand doesn't really have great rice-growing conditions, nor cheap enough labour I imagine. So my rice comes a long, long way. If I want to eat local, kumara and potatoes are more appropriate staples. We do eat these, but find that rice is such a great food source that I am loath to part from it in order to eat more locally. Especially when we are having to watch the cost of our food so closely, rice is a terrific source of cheap, nutritious food.

There you go. If you've ever wondered how much rice costs per meal, now you know. Next time I cook kumara and potatoes I might just throw them on the scales first, and work out how much they cost us per meal. Just because I am curious by nature.


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MaxineD said...

I love rice too, but DH is not such a fan :-)
So glad that these days we have a veggie garden - makes the grocery shop sort of reasonable, cost-wise. i cringed when I saw some of the prices today.