Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I've Got You

This morning we have a crying baby. Not sure exactly what is wrong, but it might be that he has a bit of a cold. I had one last week, and Munchkin seems to be a bit glugged up this week. He is not a happy chappy. As he's normally pretty relaxed and cheerful, something is definitely up. I was holding and rocking him a few minutes ago (he's now with his dad), and found myself saying, "You're okay. I've got you. You're alright." Now, I completely realise that everything doesn't suddenly become all roses and sunshine just because Munchkin is being held by his Mummy. I don't know what is wrong, and I don't know how to fix it. There's not really anything much I can do, other than hold and rock, and reassure. This, I think, is how things are with me and God sometimes. I desperately want him to make me all better, to take away the pain, the discomfort, the grief, the loneliness, and all the muck of life. But he doesn't. Does that make him any less a heavenly parent? I don't think so. While sometimes he does change the circumstances surrounding my life, sometimes his role is more like mine has been this morning. He holds me, he rocks me, and he tells me that it is going to be okay because he is here. And somehow, everything does feel better because I am held. Even when things haven't changed, I feel somehow comforted. Like Munchkin does right now, being held and rocked by his dad.

Hebrews 13:5-6 says that God himself tells us he will never leave us, or let us down. I used to wonder how he could possibly say he never lets us down. I have frequently felt left down when life didn't turn out nicely. But then I realised that the Amplified translation explains it better. What he means when he says he won't ever let us down, is that he will never release his hold on us. He will never put us down. I tried doing that just a few minutes ago. I thought my small son was sufficiently asleep that I could take him out of the wrap and put him in his pram. Ah, nope, Mum. Not a smart idea. He noticed. He told me all about it. I had put him down and he was less than impressed! He is feeling miserable enough this morning that all he wants is to be held. So we've given up on putting him in his bed for now at least, and are holding him. See, that's the thing with God. He NEVER puts us down. He is always holding us. He might be holding us in the rain and wind and trials of life, but he IS holding us.


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MaxineD said...

Hmm - babies with colds are hard work, but I love your analogy and the ruminations that have flowed from this :-)